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Richard & Margaret (MNU) Ibrook, Southwold, Suffolk, England to Hingham, MA, 1635

Ibrook is one of the more unusual English surnames that I’ve come across and it only remains in my cousins’ family tree for one generation, as it daughters out with the immigrant to Massachusetts.

Although it is known that Richard and Margaret (MNU) Ibrook lived in Southwold, Suffolk, England before they immigrated to Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts by 1635, it is uncertain whether the Ibrooks were born in Southwold or if they were born and married somewhere else where the vital records haven’t survived.

Richard Ibrook was born c1583, based on his estimated marriage date of c1607. Margaret, whose maiden name is unknown, was born c1585, if 21 years old when she married, and died 4 April 1664 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Richard predeceased Margaret by many years, dying 14 November 1651, also in Hingham.

They were the parents of eight known children:

  1. John, baptized 13 September 1607, Southwold, Suffolk, England; buried 21 September 1607, Southwold, Suffolk, England
  2. Elizabeth, baptized 31 August 1608, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died c1646, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Rev. Peter Hobart, 12 October 1628, Covehithe, Suffolk, England
  3. Christian, born c1611 (as he was 26 in 1637); died after 1657/58; married William Cockerum, c1633. William returned to England and was dead by 1660.
  4. Thomas, baptized 10 August 1615, Southwold, Suffolk, England; buried 17 March 1615/16, Southwold, Suffolk, England
  5. Ann, baptized 3 June 1617, Southwold, Suffolk, England; buried 28 July 1619, Southwold, Suffolk, England
  6. Margaret, baptized 3 September 1620, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died 4 April 1664, Hingham, Plymouth, England; married John Tower, 31 (sic) February 1638/39, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  7. Ellen/Helen, baptized 10 November 1622, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died 25 July 1700, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Joshua Hobart, March 1637/38, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  8. Mathew (female), baptized 16 June 1626, Southwold, Suffolk, England; no further record

Therefore, of eight children born to Richard and Margaret only three lived to adulthood AND remained in Massachusetts – Elizabeth, who died c1646, Margaret, who died in 1664 and Helen, who died in 1700. All have descendants.

The Great Migration Project ends this family sketch with an interesting commentary on Richard. He was a church bailiff in Southwold in 1624, so seemingly respected enough to hold the job, but on 5 March 1638/39, he was fined £5, paid to the court, and 20 shillings each to the two maids, Rebecca Phippen and Mary Marsh for “tempting 2 or more maids to uncleanness.”