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Humphrey Perkins, Immigrant Ancestor to Old Rappahannock County, VA

There are three more family sketches to share about the Perkins clan early in Virginia. Thankfully, though, I am done with the multiple Henrys!

Humphrey Perkins is said to be the father of the first of the four Henry Purkins in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.

“Said to be” is the closest there is to proof for a couple of reasons. The strongest reason is that he is of the right age and in the right place to be the father of Henry Purkins, born c1660, probably in Old Rappahannock County.

Second, Humphrey appears to be the only Perkins in the county, and living in South Farnham Parish, where later Henry Purkinses lived,  at that time. That definitely narrows the parental possibilities unless Henry himself was a later immigrant.

Third, Humphrey Perkins left a nuncupative will – an oral will – that was ordered to be recorded in Rappahannock County Court Order Book 1686-1692, page 41 on 3 August 1687:

Probate by oaths of thomas Evett and Richard Taylor is granted upon the Nuncupative Will of Humphrey Perkins of the County decd. to Wm. Ffreeman Exor. named of the sd Will.

The bad news is that Humphrey’s will is one of a group of early Rappahannock wills that exists only as a mention in the order books. There is no extant copy naming his heirs.

However, there are a couple of other tidbits that tell us a bit more about Humphrey Perkins and his family. First, his only known wife was “Mary, relict of Nathaniel Baxter.” Tyler’s Quarterly Magazine, 14:46 includes this transcription from court order book 1683-86, page 85, recorded on 4 December 1684:

“Whereas Humphrey Perkins married the relict of Nathaniel Baxter and became possessed of the estate of the deceased and as Richard Taylor married one of the daughters of the sd. Baxter, the Court considers 2038 lbs. tobacco due sd. Taylor in right of his wife and it is ordered Humphrey Perkins pay this amount. “

Two other bits of information that support Humphrey as the father of Henry Purkins:

Humphrey Perkins received a 300 acre grant of land in 1685. On 22 Feb. 1695, a deed of sale was recorded in Essex County Order Book 1:383 indicating that Henry Perkins  sold 100 acres of land to John Crow.

Deed of Henry Purkins, 1695
Essex County Order Book 1:383
Source: FamilySearch

The wording of the deed describes Humphrey Perkins now deceased former owner of Henry Perkins land sold to John Crow 100 [acres] S. Farnham Parish N side Draggon [Dragon] Swamp adj Thos Covington being pt 300 acrre patent Nov 4 1685 of Humphrey Perkins. Henry’s wife, Mary, relinquished her dower rights at the same time.

Lastly, sometime between 1717-1722,  Humphrey “Purkins,” Henry Purkins Junr and Rosemond Covington witnessed a deed by William and Anne Covington. It appears from this that Humphrey Perkins had not one, but two sons. It is certainly possible that he might have had daughters, but if so, their names are lost to time.

To summarize, we have Humphrey Perkins, born c1638, probably in England, who married (1) Unknown and (2) Mary (MNU), widow of Nathaniel Baxter before 4 December 1684.

Mary was not the mother of Humphrey’s two children as Nathaniel Baxter wrote his will on 22 May 1676 and it was proved in court on 2 May 1677.

In the Name of God Amen.
I Nathaniel Baxter of the parish of ffarnham in the County of Rapp” Planter, being by God’s grace intended forth for the warrs do make and ordain this my last will & Testament in manner & form following Imprs. I bequeath my Soule unto Almighty God who gave it in full & certain hope in and through the meritts of Jesus to inherit Eternal life and my body to return to the earth and likewise it is my will & I do hereby give & bequeath unto my naturall Sonn Nathaniel Baxter and his heirs forever all the bounds of my land from Piscataway Creek unto Mr. Parrys little Creek and the remainder of my divident of land which lyeth on the other side of Mr. Parrys Creek towards Thomas Dayes formerly Huttsons by virtue hereof I will unto my daughter Ann Baxter and to her lawful heirs forever Provided allways that if it please God to take to his Mercy either my son Nathaniel or my daughter Anne before they be of the age of one and twenty years or be married the first of them so dyeing his or her part of the land abovesd shall fall and descend to the Survivor for ever.
To wife one young gray stone horse with a small slit in the right eare and a black pied heifer comonly called by the name of Fitt with all her increase to be wholly at her disposing.
To my daughter Elethias Baxter one cow commonly known by the name of Cherry with all her increase male and female to her and her heirs for ever and in case the said cow should die without any increase then the sd Elethias to have a heifer out of the stock with her increase male & female for ever Provided allways and it is my desire that in case the said Elethias shall die without issue then the said cow or heifer to returne with their increase to my abovesd Children.
To wife in lieu of her thirds and to my abovenamed son and daughter Nathaniel and Anne equally to be divided after my debts satisfied all my personal estate moveable and unmoveable for ever. Executrix and Executors my wife and my son Nathaniel and my daughter Anne and likewise my beloved friends Mr William Young senior & Thomas Roberts to see this my will executed.
Thomas Roberts, aged 28 years or thereabouts, testified that he the deponent did write and see Nathaniel Baxter sign said will in the presence of Thomas Jenkins, John Jolly & Barbary Andrews.

Children with previous wife/wives:

1. Henry, born c1660; died after 11 March 1734/35, when he wrote his will; married Mary (MNU), c1682/83
2. Humphrey, living 1717-1722, when he witnessed a land deed by William and Anne Covington. Henry Purkins Jr. witnessed the same deed.

My husband’s Perkins descent:

1. Humphrey Perkins & Unknown
2. Henry Purkins & Mary (MNU)
3. Henry Purkins & Cary Ferguson
4. Henry Perkins & Elizabeth Gatewood
5. Henry Purkins & Mary Ransone
6. John Perkins & Rhoda Walters Woosley
7. Samuel Henry Perkins & Martha Hamby
8. Emsley Harrison Brasher & Mary Woosley Perkins
9. Joseph Henry Brasher & Minnie Mae Williams
10. Earl Marcus Stufflebean & Pearl Lillian Brasher
11. Edward Earl Stufflebean & Ruby Jewel Stufflebean
12. David Lee Stufflebean