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Hubbard Haskell & Anna Millet, Gloucester, MA, 1700s

After last year’s surprise update to my ancestress Judith Haskell and her correct parents, I wrote about Nathan Haskell and Judith Witham, but then got sidetracked with other posts.

It’s time to address other corrections and, therefore, new branches in my family tree.

Hubbard Haskell was born 3 May 1720 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, being the son of William Haskell and Jemima Hubbard, who were already in my tree as the parents of Nathaniel Haskell and grandparents of John Haskell, which are now proven to be incorrect.

Hubbard Haskell married Anna Millet on 12 November 1740, also in Gloucester. She was born 25 March 1718, the daughter of Nathan Millet and Sarah Babson.

All these families settled early (1600s) in Gloucester so these lines run deep in the town.

By the time the American Revolution broke out, Hubbard was well into his 50s and too old to be off fighting in military companies. However, most of the Haskells (who comprised a large family in town) were patriots and supported the war effort.

Hubbard Haskell was named to the Committee of Safety in 1776, thereby doing his part.

Hubbard and Anna were the parents of eleven children, four of whom survived to adulthood.

Children: (All events in Gloucester unless noted.)

1. Hubbard, born 10 September 1741; died 12 July 1743
2. Jemima, born 9 May 1743; no further record
3. Hubbard, born 2 February 1744/45; died 7 September 1831, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; married Anna Davis
4. Anna, born 22 February 1747/48; died 20 December 1808; married Stephen Lane, 21 March 1769
5. Nathan, born 21 September 1749; died 19 January 1749/50
6. Nathan, born 25 June 1751; died 4 December 1838, New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine; married Judith Witham, 27 October 1771
7. Hannah, born 14 December 1752; no further record
8. Sarah, born 16 October 1754; died 13 December 1813; married (1) John Smith, 27 May 1773 (2) John Rogers, 23 November 1780
9. William, baptized 9 May 1756; died before 20 March 1761
10. Hannah, baptized 27 August 1758; died 16 October 1843, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; unmarried
11. William, born 20 March 1761; died 16 October 1843, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; married Rebecca Witt, 16 January 1783