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Historic Photos: Passaic, NJ

My grandparents, with my grandmother’s brother Peter Scerbak and friend Andrew Lengyel owned the Central Market Co. in Passaic from around the early 1930’s until it closed in 1950.

This photo is from a trade newsletter that my grandmother saved. My grandfather died in November 1936 so it predates that time:

Central Market Company

Pete Scerbak is second from left, Andy Lengyel is sixth from the left. George Sabo is on the far right and his brother, Steve, is next to him, second from right.

The shop was located at 684 Main Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, between Jefferson St. and Washington Pl. Today, it is the site of Bruno’s Pizza and Peruvian Restaurant:

Bruno’s, 684 Main Avenue
Google Street View in July 2012

Central Market Co. looks like a larger store than Bruno’s, but in the 2012 view, it looks like Magic Sneaker shared some divided storefront space. Through the years, the space allotted to the businesses has changed. I would estimate that the grocery shop rented perhaps half the storefront space in the building.

Lewis Peavler & Catherine Head

Lewis Peavler & wife, Catherine Head

This is a copy of an old photograph I received years ago from a genealogy pen pal whose name I hate to admit I have long forgotten. The young boy standing in between them may be one of their grandchildren, but it could possibly be their youngest son, Thomas, born in 1852. This boy could be ten or twelve years old, which means the photo was taken during the Civil War years. Lewis would then have been about 57 and Catherine about 52. Her bonnet and dress style looks like the fashions of that era.

Peavler is one of those names that has been recorded with a multitude of spelling, from Pebler to Peevler to Peveler, etc. This Lewis Peavler was born about 1805 in Tennessee, the son of another Lewis Peavler, who hailed from the Old Dominion (Virginia) and his wife, also a Catherine, but her maiden name unknown. The Peavler family left Tennessee for Knox County, Kentucky where the elder Lewis and Catherine likely died between 1850-1860.

The younger Lewis, on of the subjects in this photo, married Catherine Head about 1828, perhaps in Scott County, Virginia, which is where Catherine was reportedly born.

Lewis and Catherine were the parents of nine children:

1. Sarah Catherine, born 4 September 1829, probably Scott Co., VA; died16 December 1861, Linn co., MO. She married William K. Evans 30 May 1844, Linn Co., MO.
2. Mary Elizabeth, born 14 November 1832, probably Knox Co., KY; died 11 May 1921, Noble, Cleveland, OK. She married Thomas Standifer, 2 September 1849, Knox Co., KY
3. John Ira, born 2 May 1834, Knox Co., KY; died 10 August 1906, Saline Co., MO; married Louisa Bull on 26 November 1864, St. Louis, MO.
4. Matilda M., born December 1836, Knox Co., KY; died 6 August 1900, Linn Co., MO. She married (1) John Stufflebean, 9 June 1853 (2) John B. Hall, 22 March 1869, both in Linn Co., MO.
5. Isaac Lewis, born about 1839, Knox Co., KY; died 26 February 1865? He married Rachel Jane Stufflebean, 7 February 1860, probably Linn Co., MO
6. Docia C., born about 1842, Knox Co., KY; died 16 December 1871, Linn Co., MO; married Addison J. Smith, 2 September 1858, Sullivan co., MO.
7. William Franklin, born July 1843, Knox Co., KY; died 28 September 1927, Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX. He married Mary E. Chaplin, 26 February 1862, Sullivan Co., MO.
8. James George, born 20 April 1846, Knox Co., KY; died 20 March 1936, Yuba Co., CA. He married Mary Elizabeth Haynes, 14 December 1865, Linn Co., MO.
9. Thomas M., born about 1852, Knox Co., KY; died 4 February 1938, Muskogee Co., OK. He married (1) Sarah M. Carmack, about 1871 and (2) Anna Prudy Bull, widow, 4 october 1883, Linn Co., MO.

Historic Photos: Caddo County, OK 1915

Several branches of my husband’s family migrated from Missouri to Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. A couple arrived just before statehood in the 1900-1905 time frame, while others arrived shortly after Oklahoma became a state in 1907.

John Houston Sturgell was one of those who settled in the new state of Oklahoma. Houston, as he was called by the family, was born 15 April 1882 in Barry County, Missouri, the son of Abijah Houston Sturgell and Martha Susannah Alberty.

He married Della Brooks on 12 November 1902, also in Barry County. Their sons, Louis and Luther, were both born in Missouri in 1904 and 1906, respectively. However, the family first appears together in the 1910 census of Lincoln, Caddo County, Oklahoma, which was just under 400 miles away from Cato, Barry County, Missouri where the family had lived.

Houston was my mother-in-law’s uncle, but I don’t know too much about him or his family. However, his youngest brother, Andrew Herman Sturgell, known as Bud, shared some family pictures with me back in the 1980’s. I have no idea who wrote “Hermon Sturgell & and mother Martha Huston place” on this photograph. However, Bud Sturgell was born in 1898 and Martha Susannah Alberty Sturgell died 10 July 1916 in Barry County.

Herman Sturgell and Martha
John Houston Sturgell Home, Caddo County, OK

Houston Sturgell’s family eventually moved on to Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma. However, the 1910 census and Houston’s 1917 World War I draft registration card place his residence in those years in Caddo County.

Bud Sturgell looks to be an older teen and Martha died in 1916 so I believe this photo dates from around 1914-1916. They must have made a visit or perhaps even lived with Houston’s family for a short time.

This looks like true frontier living in early Oklahoma!