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Henry Jackson Nation with Wives Lucinda Tranbarger & Martelia Claiborne of Overton County, TN

Henry Jackson Nation is the second child and oldest son of Joseph Michael Nation and Christianna (Annie) Riddle of Overton County, Tennessee.

One note – Henry’s mother, 87 year old Annie Riddle Nation, was living with the family in Overton County, Tennessee in 1920.

Henry was born 7 May 1860, in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He died 14 November 1936, in Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma. He married twice: (1) Lucinda Tranbarger, 28 August 1890, Overton County, Tennessee.

“Cinda” was born on 2 May 1867 and died on Christmas Day, 25 December 1893. Her cause of death is unknown. Lucinda had one known child, daughter Margaret, born 28 May 1872, likely in Overton County, Tennessee.

Margaret Nation married (1) Pierce Miller, 21 August 1910, Overton County, Tennessee. Pierce was born 8 January 1890, Tennessee and died 21 October 1975, Fresno County, California. They were the parents of Odell Edward, Clifton Lelan, Aline, Alva Dean, Ovie  and Henry Terry and settled in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma before removing to Fresno County, California. After Pierece died, Margaret returned to Oklahoma, living in Carnegie in Caddo County. She married (2) Joe Reiner, who survived her, but they had no children together. Joseph M. Reiner was born 29 April 1982 and died in September 1980. Both are buried in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.

(2) Hannah Martelia Claiborne, 19 July 1894, Overton County, Tennessee. Lucinda was born c1875; died 1893. Martelia was born 23 January 1874/5 in Overton County, Tennessee. She survived Henry by many years, passing away on 12 December 1962, Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.

Henry and Martelia were the parents of eight children, six of whom grew to adulthood and had children:

1. Ermine, born 20 September 1895; died 26 December 1899, both in Overton County, Tennessee.

2. Willie Etta, born 28 August 1897; died 22 September 1929, Pine Ridge, Caddo, Oklahoma; married J. Kelly Brooks. They had one daughter.

2. Harrison Terry, born January or March 1900, Overton County, Tennessee; died 22 September 1948, Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma; married Veechal Pierce, 11 October 1925, Caddo County, Oklahoma. She was born 26 April 1911 and died 28 May 2004. They had at least two sons by 1930 and haven’t been found in the 1940 census.

3. Johnie Mike, born 25 April 1903, Overton County, Tennessee; died 22 March 2000, Chickasha, Caddo, Oklahoma; married Viola Rogers, 30 April 1924, Caddo County, Oklahoma. They were the parents of seven children.

4. Mary Eunice, born 20 June 1906; died 4 February 1910 of burns, both in Overton County, Tennessee.

4. Granville M., born 18 August 1909; died 26 July 1935, Los Angeles, California; married Opal Milam, 5 October 1930, Caddo County, Oklahoma. They had one daughter.

5. Arlie Quitman, born 20 July 1912, Overton County, Tennessee; died 17 November 1986, Apache, Caddo, Oklahoma; married Pearley Smith, 14 October 1933, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Like half sister Margaret, Arlie lived in California for a while. The 1949 Fresno county directory shows Arlie living at 814 Hoag Avenue, Sanger and “Hannah Nation,” widow of Henry, also living there. They were the parents of three children.

6. Haskel Elvin, born 3 June 1917, Overton County, Tennessee; died 31 January 1990, Apache, Caddo, Oklahoma; married Gladys Nelson, 28 November 1936, Caddo County, Oklahoma. They were the parents of three sons.

Because a few of the descendants are still living, or possibly could be, no further details are included here.

However, Henry Jackson Nation has quite a few descendants born to children of both his wives.

If you are a Nation cousins, I would love to share more information with you. Please contact me.