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Doswell Rogers, 1700’s Virginia

The last post, for now, related to Cornelius Roberts, William Riddle and Shadrach Monk is on Doswell (sometimes Dauswell) Rogers. He is somewhat of a mystery to me. Because his name is quite unique, it pops up in online searches, but few of the sites have matching information.

As with Cornelius Roberts, there are a few documented facts for Doswell Rogers:

1767 – Dauswell Rogers is on the 17 July 1767 Pittsylvania County, Virginia tithable list, recorded by “Peter Copland, Gent.” “Neel” Roberts and James Roberts are also on this list.

Doswell Rogers is reportedly found on the 1771 list of William Hebert’s company in Wythe County, the 1774 list of Herbert’s Company in Grayson County and on the 1782 tax list of Montgomery County, all in Virginia. Neither Grayson nor Wythe Counties existed in the 1770’s and I do not find Doswell Rogers on the 1782 Montgomery County tax list.

1772 – Doswell Rogers on Botetourt County titheable, Wm. Herbert’s  list

1774- Doswell Rogers served in Capt. Looney’s Company as a private for 29 days, of Fincastle County, Virginia.

1777, 30 September – Doswell Rogers signed the oath of allegiance in Montgomery County, Virginia

1782, 5 March, Montgomery County Court Record:

Order book 2:309 “Ordered that John Roberts who has been
inimical to the American cause be recieved (sic) as a citizen of this state and under the protection of the same on his taking the Oath of Allegiance and giving security for his good behavior for twelve months and one day where upon the said John Roberts acknoledges (sic) himself indebted to this commonwealth in the sum of twenty pounds in security and Dozawell Rogers and John Rice in the
sum of ten pounds each to be levied of their respective lands & Chattels and to the Commonwealth be rendered, yet upon condition that the said John Roberts shall be of good behavior for twelve months and one day from this time ordered.”

1812, 26 February – Doswell Rogers deposed under oath in Lee County, Virginia, that he settled on the North Fork of the Clinch River at the same time as the Hoosiers (Hoovers), about 1774-1775.

Doswell Rogers’ wife is unproven, but it is said that his wife Ann signed off on her dower rights on a 1792 land deed in Wythe County, Virginia. However, Wythe County didn’t form until 1793. Perhaps the deed is found in Montgomery County.

Doswell Rogers is listed as a patriot in the DAR ancestor index because he signed the oath of allegiance.

His son, William Rogers, is also listed in the index, with members who have recently joined meaning that the standard of proof for relationships is very high. Williams was born 14 October 1763 and died 28 October 1821 in White County, Tennessee.

Reputed children of Doswell include James, Elisha, Joseph, Thomas, Doswell Jr., Catherine and Adanstone. I have seen  no documentation for any of these children.

The main reason I am spotlighting Doswell Rogers is because Tory William Riddle’s wife, Happy, is said to be either a Roberts or a Rogers. Based on an estimated birth year of 1775 for William and Happy’s oldest son, John, she was probably born between 1755-1760.

However, I can find no connection between Happy (sometimes called Hoppy) and either the Roberts or the Rogers family. I know there are many descendants out there and would love to hear from those with documents to share that will help untangle these early frontier families.