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George Thompson, Aide-de-Camp to Lafayette, Albemarle County, VA to Mercer County, KY

Note: George Thompson is NOT related to my husband’s Thompson family as far as I can determine.
I am sharing notes that I’ve compiled on the family of George Thompson and Rebecca Burton, as they lived in Mercer County, Kentucky at the same time as some of my husband’s Thompson relatives.

At first glance, this might look like a BSO (bright shiny object), but the records created by this family helped me to accurately sift out which Thompson belonged to which family, given that “my” Thompsons were in Mercer County at the same time as this family – the 1790s.
There is one intriguing connection between the two Thompson clans, though. George Claiborne Thompson, son of testator George, subject of this post, married as his third wife Sarah Simpson Hart.
Sarah’s first husband was Nathaniel Hart and their daughter, Keziah, married Revolutionary War pensioner Lawrence Thompson, who died in Madison County, Kentucky in the 1830s. Lawrence Thompson IS part of my husband’s extended Thompson clan, although not his direct line.
George Thompson’s granddaughter transcribed family papers outlining details about George’s parents, Joseph Thompson (1703-1764) and Sarah Claiborne (1713-1777) and his paternal grandfather, Roger Thompson. The article was published in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 58, No. 2 (Apr., 1950), pp. 237-241.
The Thompsons of Albemarle County, Virginia and Mercer County, Kentucky were a large group. Many of them, however, left wills in Virginia or Kentucky, making it fairly easy to piece them together in the correct groupings.
This post specifically has a focus on the will of George Thompson and the 65 enslaved people, used as legacies to two of his grandchildren.
George was born 23 February 1749 on the north fork of the James River, known as the Rivanna River, in Albemarle County, Virginia. He died 22 March 1834 in Mercer County, Kentucky and married Rebecca Burton on 6 December 1773.  She died on 21 May 1778, probably in Albemarle County.
They were the parents of two children – a son, Samuel, born 29 November 1775, who lived for only two days, and son George Claiborne Thompson, who migrated to Kentucky with his father, uncles and cousins, in 1792.
George Thompson was a Revolutionary War pensioner (S31418) and further information about his war service can be found in his March 1833 application.

I have chunked this will into paragraphs for easier reading. Note that the original is one long paragraph covering three pages.

Mercer County, KY WB 9:536-538

I George Thompson of the state of Kentucky Mercer County make this writing my last will and Testament. I direct that my estate be not appraised. I also direct that my executors hereafter to be named are not to be required to give security when they qualify as Executors

I give my grandson William Thompson the tract of land on which I now live called Pleasant Fields This tract is divided from the Shawnee Springs place on which my son lives, as follows Beginning at the south west corner of the field where Benjamin Davis lives thence along a fence to the corner of the Park leaveing the fence on the side of my son thence along the park fence leaveing the fence on my sons side to a marked ash standing about three & a half poles nearly on East course from the South East corner of the park from that running nearly south along a fence to Slaughters line the fence as it now stands being on the middle of the line.

I also give to my grandson William Thompson the tract of land called the Starling place or what will remain of it after I sell as much as will pay my debts and shall I fail to sell in my life time I direct and authorize my executors to sell as much as will pay my debts. This starling place adjoins the Shawnee Springs tract of land which I have heretofore given to my son by deed of Gift dated the 5th day of August 1825 to which deed of gift reference is hereby made to shew the division lines between the starling place and shawanee springs tract. The starling place consists of a number of purchases I made at different times and of different persons.

I also give to my said grandson one undivided half of a small tract of land say 40 or 50 acres which I own adjoining the lands of David Jones Elijah Reed and John Cecil –

I also give to my grandson William Thompson the following negroes with the future increase of the females viz Young Andrew, Matilda, James (son of Matilda), Hannah, Isaac, Nelson, Little Moses, Kitty, American Zachariah, Louisia, Davy, Washington, Squire, Henry, Fielding, Carey, Susannah, Nelly, Louis, Sucky, Jefferson, Peggy, Artemisia, Long Billy, Lucy, Dick, Tom, John, Enoch, Elisha, Bob (son of Lucy), Louisa, Lucy, Jane, Martin, Betsey, Margaret, Harrison, Isaiah, Pamela, Anna, Walker, Willis (son of Edy), Old Gib, Old Jenny, Old Andrew, Old Dilcey, Paul, Big Billy, Old Polly, Marshall, son of Kitty, Lavinia (daughter of Sucky, and Peter in all fifty three in Number –

I also give to my said grandson William Thompson the gold watch which he now wears all my guns including and in short all the property of every kind which I have at the pleasant fields and at the several places where Thomas S. Davis is now overseer except what is hereafter excepted –

I also give my said grandson one undivided half of what remain belonging to me of land on Indian Camp Creek & Green River after Benjamin Davis’s piece for which he has a memorandum shall have been laid off but my said Grandson as soon as he can conveniently must sell as much of his part of this land as will raise two hundred dollars which he must pay to John B. Thompson Esqr –

I also give my said Grandson one half of what is now due may become due to me on account of former sales of parts of this Green River Ca[cut off]

I give to my Granddaughter Mary Rebecca Thompson the following negroes with their future increase viz Big Moses, Nancy, Elias, Phil, Overton Willis (the last four named being Nancy’s children) negro boy Daniel Bob (son of Annis) Mary Ann (daughter of Annis) Sarah & her two children Roxann & Henderson making in all twelve in number –

also a tract of about one hundred and fifty acres of land being the place which I bought of John Kelly adjoining Robt Johnston, George C. Thompson, John Moore & others

my will is and I direct that my said Grandson shall pay to his sister Mary Rebecca a feather bed & furniture on hundred and fifty dollars worth of Horses fifty dollars worth of cattle twenty dollars worth of hogs & twenty dollars worth of sheep –

In makeing the several requests in this will to my Grandson and Granddaughter it is intended in every instance to them and their heirs forever

The land and negroes given to my Grandson & Granddaughter in this will are to be delivered to them respectively when they shall severally marry with the consent of their Father or shall arrive at the age of twenty years –

In the meantime such property to remain in the possession and for the use of my son George C. Thompson in consideration of his doing [cut off] I know he will do that is affording to these his children proper Education, Board, clothing etc if my son live so long.

If he should die before them said property will [be] under the management of the guardians of these grandchildren respectively the person property given them respectively (except the clock and other articles specially named as gifts to William, my Executors are requested to sell and lend out the proceeds on Interest and the money including Interest to be paid to them Respectively when they severally shall marry as aforesaid or arrive at the age of tw[cut off] years. That is the proceeds and interest of Williams part to be paid to him, and of Mary Rebecca’s part to be paid to her

should either of these Grandchildren die before marrige or arrival at the age of twenty years my will is that the estate given by this will to such decedent be equally divided among all my grandchildren male & female then living.

I hereby appoint my son George C. Thompson my Nephew John B. Thompson and my Grandson William Thompson Executors of this my will – In Testimony whereof I have put my hand & seal this 30th day of June 18[cut off]

George Thompson (seal)
The number of negroes is fifty three given to my Grandson William. George Thompson

James Gass
John A. Tomlinson
James Taylor

Mercer County Sess April County Court 1834 the foregoing last Will and Testament of George Thompson was this day produced into Court and proved by the oaths of James Taylor and John A. Tomlinson two Subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Attest Tho Allin CC

REPEAT: This is not my husband’s Thompson family. I have posted this information to help descendants of George Thompson document his family and life.