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Exploring Less Common Genealogy Websites, Part 2

As I looked through my own list of genealogy resources, I found so many different websites that I decided to split the list first posted on 8 June 2024 into two parts. Here is the second half of the list:

Between Part 1 and 2 of this list, your free time this summer will be filled with lots of genealogy rabbit holes to explore. Have Fun!

Exploring Less Common Genealogy Websites

As we head into summer and seek some relief from the heat, what better time is there to enjoy some genealogy browsing time?

Here is a list of twenty genealogy websites, all of which have been around for many years, but which remain more obscure than the big name websites.

How many of these websites have you used for your research? I’ve remembered so many websites, that Part 2 will post soon.

No Vital Records? No Problem! 12 Resources That Might Prove Family Relationships

Today’s post is a straight forward list of resources that can help prove family relationships in the absence of vital records.

In case you are wondering – yes, I’ve found successes in all of these:

  • Land Deeds
  • Probate Files
  • Naturalization Records
  • Census Records
  • Court Records
  • Military Pensions
  • News Articles
  • Passenger Lists
  • Obituaries
  • Cemetery Records
  • City Directories
  • Church Records

Most of these records take more digging than a single click, but they can be a treasure trove of family information. Take the time to do a little first hand research!