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2024 Genealogy Goals

At the beginning of the month, I reviewed my 2023 goals, which were easily met with the exception of cleaning up my RootsMagic software.

For the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve included goals to leave comments on other blogs and to continue giving back to the genealogy community. Those habits are quite well ingrained at this point, so I am going to omit those activities as stated goals.

Instead, I’d like to focus on just 2 goals:

1. No matter what, stick with the job of cleaning up my software program. I’ve actually completed through my 3X great grandparents, which is the sum total of my paternal Carpatho-Rusyn branch of the tree. However, the maternal side has a few lines back as early as the 1400s, thanks to professionals who published terrific articles. That will still take me quite a while to complete. I really want this off my plate by the end of the year.

2. I love Jacqi Stevens’ 12 for ’23 on A Family Tapestry, where she spends a month on a research problem and then moves on. I followed this idea in 2023, using it to seek out more life details and social history for multiple family lines. Jacqi sets her list up before she begins, but I found being more flexible and choosing new people/families each month worked better for me, so I will be working on 12 for ’24.

I’m just going to have to ignore BSOs that might pull me down the rabbit holes and stick with clean up.

The 12 for ’24 list will provide for some breaks in the clean up and allow me to at least peer into a few rabbit holes!

Have you set your 2024 genealogy goals yet?

Did I Attain My 2023 Genealogy Goals?

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s already time to review my yearly genealogy goals. However, it is December and New Year’s Day 2024 is only a few short weeks away during this busy time of year.

For the past few years, I’ve kept my list of genealogy resolutions a bit general and few in number. Here is the 2023 list:

1. Continue to give back to the genealogy community.

My Anquestors genealogy group that I restarted in 2002, after the pandemic pause, continues to thrive. The ladies are all advanced enough at this point that I have even created several projects for them, using record sets like tax lists and probate files.

I belong to the Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society here in Oro Valley. The society decided to hold informal summer sessions for those in town and I not only attended, but volunteered to teach a one-off beginning genealogy class. There were a half dozen members who really wanted to get started, but the official society class wouldn’t be taught until January 2024. The participants appreciated the ability to “hit the ground running” and get started with their research, although I strongly recommended that they also sign up for the 6-week in-depth class in the winter.

As for rescuing old photos and postcards, I think I outdid myself this year. I found quite a few and, although I don’t do it with the expectation of hearing from the recipients, I was contacted by about a half dozen this year. All were very grateful that I took the time to save the mementos and track down the family descendants. It makes me very happy each time I mail off an item!

I still follow many blogs and, while I’ve left comments, I don’t think I attained one per week if I don’t included Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. I’ve posted comments almost 100% of the time to each weekly post by others.

2. Continue to expand the family trees.

One of my writing goals for 2023 was to write family sketches more from the females’ points of view, which I did and completed the series which extended back to include my 3X great grandmothers.

Thanks to professional journals like the NEHGS Register and The American Genealogist publishing new research that included several of my ancestral lines, I’ve extended a few branches of the family tree back to the Middle Ages and have newly proven English origins for several families. More on those numbers early next year when I update my Ancestor Count.

3. Continue my genealogy education.

I attended RootsTech  2023 virtually and enjoyed a number of the online sessions.

I’ve regularly attended virtual meetings for the Pima County Genealogy Society and the Chula Vista Genealogical Society, as I’m a member of both and love their presentations.

I also subscribe to Legacy Family Tree Webinars and have watched a number of single presentations, as well as attending the September month-long extravaganza.

I’ll continue watching one-off online webinars, but have become more selective in those I view. That’s because I’ve watched so many that I recognize repeats of a talk given to more than one organization.

4. Clean up my source citations in RootsMagic.

I decided last year that, with the learning curve in RM8/RM9 and my previous reluctance to take on this project, that I would be better able to stick with this clean up using RootsMagic 7.

How far have I gotten? Not as far along as I’d like. At this point, I’ve finished through my 3X great grandparents. That is an accomplishment, given that I have way more documentation, Images, records, etc. for more recent ancestors. As I move back in time, there might be only a single source or article for an individual family.

This will be a goal that spills over into 2024! I’m hoping that next year, I will finally get this off my genealogical plate!

That’s it for my goals. I have attained or exceeded each of them with the exception of the software clean up. I’ve definitely made progress, but I really need to move the software project to the top of my 2024 list and not jump down any lengthy rabbit holes with new research!

How have you done with your own genealogy goals?


Deciding on Those 2023 Genealogy Goals

With the close of one year and the beginning of a new one, it’s time once again to focus on my genealogy goals. I’ve learned through the years that specific, somewhat narrowly defined goals work best for me and I generally have met most of my past goals.

Therefore, it’s obvious to me that my four categories of past goals work well in helping to formulate new goals for 2023, so here they are:

1. Continue to give back to the genealogy community.

I am very happy that my Anquestors group has felt comfortable starting up once again in 2022 and meeting in person, so I will continue to teach my genea-friends about new resources and techniques for adding leaves and branches to the family tree.

I will most definitely continue to re-home vintage photos and postcards to descendants of the original subjects. I get a thrill every time I find a possibility and realize that there are descendants today. It’s actually quite sad to find a pretty/cute photo only to learn the person has no direct descendants today.

I follow and read many blogs and choose many posts to include on my Friday Finds. However, while I occasionally leave comments, I think I’ve left fewer this last year than in previous years. I’m going to make an effort to leave a minimum of one comment per week.

2. Continue to expand the family trees.

This year, I am going to focus on writing family sketches of the women in my family tree. I mentioned it several months ago and, although I wrote a few in 2022, there will be at least two per month posting in 2023.

Rather than expanding the number of leaves on my family trees this year, it will be more about expanding my knowledge and understanding of the ancestors’ life circumstances.

3. Continue my genealogy education.

RootsTech  2023 will, for the first time ever, be a hybrid event.  My heart wants to attend live and enjoy the in-person fun, but my head still warns me to take care.

I will definitely attend, but whether virtually or in-person will be a last minute decision. I’m not much of a risk taker and will probably stay home, but we’ll see as the event draws closer.

I’ll continue watching one-off online webinars, but have become more selective in those I view. That’s because I’ve watched so many that I recognize repeats of a talk given to more than one organization.

I can’t think of any in-person conferences that I’d be attending, but if an interesting one is offered online, I’ll register.

4. Clean up my source citations in RootsMagic.

This is the goal that will most definitely fill my time! I decided last year that, with the learning curve in RM8 and my previous reluctance to take on this project, that I am better able to stick with this clean up using RootsMagic 7.

When I finish, I will then create a gedcom, load it into RootsMagic 8 and then learn the nuances and outright changes to be found in RM8.

This project is much bigger than it might seem because I decided it also means adding in the ancestors, mostly collateral, that have accumulated in multiple Word files that I’ve created in the past – Adams, Astle, Miller, Whitmer and Molin all come to mind.

Updating those files before adding them into my database is something I’ve been busy with since early summer 2022. And, I’m no where near finished with the Adams document. Because I took the Applied Genealogy Institute class on Advanced Swedish Methods, I have updated the Molin file. That still leaves three other files that I haven’t even looked at yet! I will be busy, but I’ve finally accepted my own challenge to get busy cleaning up my documentation.

Those are my 2023 goals and I’m feeling quite confident in being able to meet them.