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My Genealogy Bucket List – 2021

Recently, Julie Cahill Tarr published her genealogy bucket list. This topic comes up every once in a while, but I liked the format of Julie’s list, with its six categories.

It’s also a reminder of all the genealogy fun to be had when the pandemic subsides and we can get to non-virtual places like conferences, learning institutes, libraries and family visits.

It also got me thinking about my priorities once we can easily travel again, so here’s my genealogy bucket list.

Events I’d Like to Attend

SLIG – I have mixed feelings about SLIG. I would love to take the Advanced Methods course, either virtually or in person, but after last summer’s attempt to register in the first minute it was open and getting totally shut out, I’m hesitant to ever try again. It was an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience.

GRIP – I think I’d also like the Advanced Methods course offered here, too. However, getting to Pittsburgh from Tucson is a little problematic for my ears. One flight per day is fine, two flights get a bit dicey because landings are rough when my ears don’t pop. Three flights, which is what I would need, in one day would have me spending all my time in Pittsburgh looking for an ENT! If we meandered across the country, this is doable when the pandemic is done.

AmericanAncestors – Any kind of in-person learning experience! With all my early New England roots, the topic wouldn’t even matter!

Repositories I’d Like to Visit

New England Historic Genealogical Library – My last visit was in 1981. A port stop in Boston on our 2019 cruise was cancelled because of rough seas and docking, so I missed my planned visit.

New York State Archives – To work on Dave’s German ancestors who lived there and my Loyalists

Pennsylvania State Archives – To work on more of Dave’s ancestors

Ancestral Places I’d Like to Visit

Barbelroth, Germany – home of the Whitmer family

Langenlonsheim, Germany – home of the Stufflebeans/Stoppelbeins

Udol, Hajtovka, Ruska Nova Ves and Vysna Sebastova, Slovakia – home of my Slovak great grandparents

English towns – over 100 of them, which are ancestral homes to both my husband and me

Track Down Ancestors’ Origins

Phillip Crouse – born c1761, said to be from Zeeland, Netherlands

James Astle – born c1750, where in England was he from?

Robert Carlisle – born c1755, where in England, Ireland or Scotland was he from?

Solve These Family History Mysteries

Anders Molin – born 1738, Ystad, Sweden – master mason – when and where did he die?

Catherine (MNU) Carlisle, wife of Robert above – maiden name

Maiden Names – for as many other (MNU) ancestors as possible

Were there any Stoppelbeins before the unknown father born c1600 in Germany? The name means “Stubble leg” and he might be the first person with the surname because of a physical deformity. So far, Y-DNA hasn’t helped, nor has it tied my husband to any other surname in the area.

Other Items

Jump in and keep up with fixing source citations in RootsMagic software. I’ve done most of the other clean up activities already.

My bucket list isn’t all that long.

What’s on your genealogy bucket list?