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Anna Greta Molin & Friedrich Wilhelm Schulte, Empty Branch on the Tree

Anna Greta (Margaretha) Molin was the last born child of Hans and Anna Kjersti (Sandberg) Molin, born on 8 February 1820 in Gudmuntorp, Malmohus, Sweden. She was the baby sister of my Johanne Elisabeth Molin and, like Johanne, she left rural Öved, Sweden for the big city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Anna Greta is a branch of the family tree which I would love to complete. I have located descendants of several other siblings of Johanne Elisabeth and I would love to find descendants of Anna Greta.

Anna Greta married Friedrich Wilhelm Schulte on 23 October 1826 in Copenhagen, Denmark at Trinitatis Church, the same church whose register noted the stillborn birth of Johanne Elisabeth in 1842.

Anna Greta and Friderich had one child born in Copenhagen on 4 September 1847, firstborn daughter Lucia Hermingarda.

Entry 6, #364

Records on line indicate that Friedrich and Anna Greta also had three sons: Gustav Adolph, born 18 March 1851, Carl Oskar, born 15 August 1853 and Karl Franz, born 23 December 1854, all in Dusseldorf, Germany.

No further records after Lucia’s birth have been found for this family in Denmark. They may have lost a child born about 1849, based on the gap in the children’s births.

I know there are German church records available, but I don’t read German and Dusseldorf is a big place. I have no idea in which parish the family lived or if they remained in Dusseldorf after the birth of Karl Franz in 1854.

I guess on the next trip to Salt Lake, I will be delving into German church records, but I would love to hear from you if you are related to this family.