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Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth (Deming?), England to Massachusetts, 1634

This is part of a series about my New England colonial ancestors who arrived by during the Great Migration. If you have early Massachusetts ancestry, be sure to check out AmericanAncestors, as the Great Migration Study Project can be viewed there with a membership to the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

The English origins of Nathaniel Foote have been extensively researched and proved a long time ago.

Nathaniel Foote was born c1592, probably in Shalford, Essex, England. He married Elizabeth (Deming?), c1616, probably in Essex County, England. Her maiden name has not been proven. However, in her will, she called John Deming “brother.”

In colonial times, the term could refer to a sibling or an in-law, which in this case, would mean her sister married John Deming. The Great Migration Study leans towards the theory that she is the sister of John Deming.

A word of caution – there are all kinds of family trees for John Deming to be found online, many of which “identify” his parents and ancestors. NO documentary proof has been found, as far as I can determine, to support any of these claims.  For now, it is all guess work and “maybe.”

Elizabeth was born c1595, likely in Essex County, England. She died between 16 August 1682, when she wrote a codicil to her will, and 3 September 1683, when her estate inventory was done, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.

Elizabeth married (2) Thomas Welles, as Nathaniel predeceased her. He died before 20 November 1644, when inventory of his estate was taken, in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He was a relatively young man in his early 50s.

The young Foote family left England and settled in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts by 1634. They continued on to Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut in 1635. The ship on which they sailed is unknown.

They were the parents of seven children, all born in England with the possible exception of their youngest daughter, Rebecca, born c1634.


  1. Elizabeth, baptized 14 January 1617/18, Shalford, Essex, England; died 8 September 1700, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut; married Josiah Churchill, c1638.
  2. Nathaniel, baptized 5 March 1619/20, Shalford, Essex, England; died June 1655, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut; married Elizabeth Smith, January 1645/46, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. Elizabeth married (2) William Gull, by 1657.
  3. Mary, born c1622; died after August 1682; married (1) John Stoddard, c1642 (2) John Goodrich, c1674 (3) Lt. Thomas Tracy, c1682.
  4. Robert, born c1627; died after August 1682; married Sarah Potter, c1659.
  5. Frances, born c1629; died after August 1682; married (1) John Dickenson, c1648 (2) Francis Barnard, c1677.
  6. Sarah, born c1632; died 1673, possibly Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, where her husband is buried; married Jeremiah Judson, c1652.
  7. Rebecca, born c1634; died 6 April 1701, Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts; married (1) Philip Smith, c1658 (2) Aaron Cooke, 2 October 1688, Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

My line of descent:

  1. Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth (Deming?)
  2. Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Smith
  3. Daniel Belden & Elizabeth Foote
  4. Benjamin Burt & Sarah Belden
  5. Seaborn Burt & Susannah Lobdell
  6. Benjamin Burt & Rebecca Follett
  7. Philip Crouse & Sarah Burt
  8. Peter Crouse & Rebecca Jones
  9. William Coleman & Sarah Moriah Crouse
  10. Hartwell Thomas Coleman & Anna Elisabeth Jensen
  11. Vernon Tarbox Adams & Hazel Ethel Coleman
  12. George Michael Sabo & Doris Priscilla Adams
  13. Linda Anne (Sabo) Stufflebean – Me!