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Will of Edward Osborne, Henrico County, Virginia 1697

Edward Osborne was a relatively young man when he died in Henrico County, Virginia in 1697, as one daughter was likely a young newlywed and his other two children, Martha and Edward, were to receive legacies at the ages of sixteen and nineteen.

The name of his wife is unknown and she predeceased Edward, as the care of Martha and Edward is given to their older sister, Tabitha, and her husband, Benjamin Branch, who married before 6 January 1696, the date of Edward’s will.

Edward went on to marry Agnes Branch and it is believed that Martha married John Wooldridge, based on several clues, one being that Martha inherited a chest with lock and key from her father. She and John had many children, but a chest was willed to their son, Edward, when John died.

Edward Osborne named two enslaved people in his will, a woman named Moll and a boy named Tom.

Will of Edward Osborne, Henrico County, 1697, right page only

There are a few places where I couldn’t figure out the words, as ink has bled through the paper and the cursive isn’t the best, but the main points are clear.

Henrico County Aprill ye 1st 1697

In the name of god amen. I Edward osborn of Henrico County
in the parish of varina being sick and weak in body but in
health in minde thanks be to allmighty god. Doe–
make & appoint this my last will & testament.
First I bequeath my soul to god who gave it me & my
Body to be buried according to the discretion of
my Executor who I Shall appoint and after
my Just debts paid I give and bequeath my Estate in
manner & form as followeth.

secondly I give and bequeath Unto my son Edward osborne
all my land in Generall to him and to his heirs
forever, and one negro woman named Moll with
her increase Excepting the first child she bringeth, which
I give to my Daughter martha osborne and one Negro
boy named Tom to my Son Edward aforesd and three
sows not above Six years old and one heifer of three
years old, and two steers of three eyars old apeice and
two feather Beds & furniture and one Square (mens? —)
with a french lock and my little (G–?) and two younge
Sows with pigs and one pott of four or five Gallons–
and one (?) pott of two Gallons & one half (?) both Iron
potts with hooks and one pair of (?)
and my best Chest with lock & Key and two horses one
of seven years old and the other three and three large
and two Small deep puter dishes & ten plates of pewter & four (?)
and two (?) Chairs & one (?)
and one (?) Saddle Estate & (?)
appoint him to be (?) with all to be at the age of nineteen

Thirdly I give and bequeath unto my daughter martha Osborne
two Cows & a heifer of two years old and one Steer of four years old
and Two Ewes and three deep puter dishes and one fether bed & old
Rugg & blanket (?) one Great Chest with Lock & Key
as (?) in all new Chest with Lock & Key

Fourthly & Lastly I appoint my Son in law Benjamin Branch
my whole & full Exor Comitting the (?) of my two
children Edward & Martha to him ye sd Branch & his wife
till Such time as they come to age, the sd Edward at Nineteen
and martha at Sixteen or married at which time
aforesaid I appoint that they shall have their Estates
above said paid them in Witness that this is my
last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand
this sixth day of January one thousand six hundred
and ninety six.

the marks of
Edward (E O) Osborne

In the psence of
Saml Branch
Martha (M O) osborn
Joseph Tanner

Henrico County April ye 1s5 1697
This day the aforegoing will was Brought
in to Court by Exer and proved by the
oaths of Joseph Tanner & Samuell Branch
two of the Subscribed Wittness

James ch(?) Clk