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Asa Thomson & Diana Quarles

NOTE: I am in Salt Lake City for RootsTech 2017. There will be daily posts, but they won’t go online until the evening since I will be in sessions during the day. Normally, my posts are queued up to go online at 6:00 a.m. This week, 11:00 p.m. will be more like it, but they will go up.

So far, I’ve ruled out Rodes, William and Clifton Thomson as potential fathers for Annie Holland. William Thomson and Ann Rodes 4th son was Asa, born 25 January 1764, probably Louisa County, Virginia. He married Diana Quarles about 1788, probably in Goochland County, Virginia.

Asa left a will, written in 1841 and proved in March 1842 in Fayette County, Kentucky. In addition, court records include an inventory of sale for Diana Thomson, “lately departed,” recorded on 18 November 1844, also in Fayette County. Diane was reportedly born 8 June 1764 in Orange County, Virginia.


  1. Mary (Polly), born 25 February 1789, Virginia; died 15 June 1851, Boone County, Kentucky; married Robert Kirtley, 1 December 1806, Fayette County, Kentucky. He was born 30 May 1786, Virginia; died 9 April 1872, Boone County, Kentucky.
  2. Roger, born 28 May 1790, Virginia; died 4 February 1875, Christian County, Kentucky; married Martha (Patsey) K. Tilford, 21 February 1816, Mercer County, Kentucky. She was born 4 October 1795; died 31 January 1877, Christian County, Kentucky.
  3. Martha (Patsey), born 15 March 1792, Kentucky; died 1850-1860, probably Randolph County, Missouri; married Price Prewitt, 27 February 1818, Fayette County, Kentucky. He was born c1790 and died 9 February 1827, Howard County, Missouri. Price served in the War of 1812.
  4. John, born about 19 March 1794, Kentucky, died 16 September 1822, Howard County, Missouri; married Ann B. Ellis, 14 February 1817, Fayette County, Kentucky. She was born 14 October 1799; died 5 June 1885, Fayette County, Kentucky. Ann married (2) Horace Coleman, 13 January 1825, Fayette County, Kentucky. He was born c1790; died 18 December 1846, Fayette County, Kentucky.
  5. Nancy, born c1797; Kentucky; died after 1880, probably Scott County, Kentucky; married Thomas Garth, 16 April 1814, Fayette County, Kentucky. Thomas was born 1792; died 20 April 1840, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
  6. Asa Quarles, born 29 November 1798, Kentucky; died 1860-1870, probably Randolph County, Missouri; married Margaret Wallace, 13 March 1821, Howard County, Missouri. She was born 27 September 1803; died 18 April 1886, Ellis County, Texas.
  7. Robert Yancy, born 21 November 1800, Kentucky; died 16 August 1863, Saline County, Missouri; married Lucy Nowlin, 9 April 1826, Saline County, Missouri. She was born 23 June 1809, Kentucky; died 8 May 1889, Saline County, Missouri.
  8. George Quarles, born 12 April 1803, Kentucky; died 1839, Howard County, Missouri, when he estate was probated; married Mary Jane Pulliam, 24 June 1829, Saline County, Missouri. She married (2) Asa Prewitt, 9 February 1841, Howard County, Missouri.

These children were all named in Asa’s will, so, once again, there is no place for Annie.

William and Ann (Rodes) Thomson had two other sons. Youngest David has already been crossed off  the list because he was a little too young to be the father of Annie and his children have all been accounted for.

The remaining son is John, born about 6 June 1766. Data on him is fuzzy, although a newspaper announcement of his death in 1834 said he was formerly of Scott County and died in Christian County, Kentucky. He did not leave a will – there is another John Thompson who died there in 1835, who did leave a will, but it is clear they are two different men of the same name.

However, there is one more piece to this convoluted puzzle, which came to light as I dug through probate, census and marriage records in Howard County, Missouri as I tracked Asa and Diana’s children detailed in this post.

Tomorrow will focus on the Family History Library since I am in Salt Lake City for RootsTech, but the surprising twist to my Annie Thompson Holland riddle will unfold in Tuesday’s post.