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Mary E. Curley School, Boston

The Mary E. Curley School, named for the wife of Boston Mayor and later Massachusetts Governor James Michael Curley, first opened in 1931.

800px-Mary_E._Curley_School_-_403002039_-_City_of_Boston_ArchivesMary E. Curley School, City of Boston Archives

The school is still in operation today, but is now The Curley School, or just “The Curley.” Cousin Charles Chadwick and his parents lived at 17 Burroughs Place in 1930, not far from this school.

Charles had five school class photos – three of individual student pictures plus two group photos taken. None of the students is identified in the photos, except for Charles.

This group of photos became my next donation project. The Jamaica Plain Historical Society now has the originals, which appear to have been taken no later than 1933, when Charles and his widowed mother moved back to Calais, Maine.

Picture #1


It’s hard to date old photos of children since they seemed to look so much older for their age than contemporary children. Charles is in the back row, fourth from the right, and I would estimate that this might be his third grade class, which would have been taken in 1932.

Picture #2


Charles is again in the back row, third from the right. He looks a bit older, so this may be the fourth grade class. If so, this was taken in 1933.

Picture #3


Charles is in the top row, fourth from the right. He looks the youngest in this photo, so it may be the second graders in 1931.

Picture #4


Letters are printed under most of the photos in this image and are likely the first letter of each of their names since Charles, top row and second from the right, has the letter “C.” This may be the third grades in 1932.

Picture #5


Charles looks the oldest in this last photo, where he is top row, second from the left. I believe this may be the fourth grade class in 1933.

If you can identify any of the children from the Mary E. Curley School in these pictures, the  Jamaica Plain Historical Society can add their names to the archive.