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Family of Richard Beeson and Charity Grubb

If anyone wants a good example of messed up, inconsistent, undocumented genealogical information available online, do a search on Richard Beeson and Charity Grubb.

I’ve been working on my husband’s Quaker lines, from home, which is a real hindrance. This family appears many times in the Hinshaw Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, but the closest copy of it to me is in El Paso, Texas, so I don’t think I’ll be hopping on over there anytime soon. It will have to wait until I get to the Family History Library.


In spite of no access to the Encyclopedia, I have put together a family for Richard Beeson and his wife, Charity Grubb, with a few names, dates and places. Some of these were found on Ancestry in one of their databases of Quaker index records.

Richard Beeson was born in October 1684, perhaps in Pennsylvania and died 1 January 1777, Guilford County, North Carolina. He married Charity Grubb, on 24 October 1706. She was born 29 September 1687 and her family was reportedly from New Castle County, Delaware, which is only a few miles from Chester County, Pennsylvania, where the early Beesons were living. Charity died on 22 November 1761, Guilford County, North Carolina.

These early Quakers seemed to be on the move, visiting various Friends meetings in far flung locations, so Richard and Charity might have met when one of their families was on such a visit.

They had nine children, birth order uncertain. I am including dates here, many of which are in the Hinshaw work. However, because I have not seen the entries in person, I am not vouching for any of them!


John, born 7 October 1707; married Mary Varman, Leacock Meeting.

Richard, born c1709; died 1784; married Ann Brown, 15 October 1730, East Nottingham Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Phebe, born c1712; married John Harris, 5th day, 3rd month, 1731, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Benjamin, born 14 January 1714/15; died 4 June 1794; married Elizabeth (Hunter?)

Edward, born c1716; died before 3 October 1746, when an inventory of his estate was taken; married Martha Mendenhall, 5 March 1737?, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Charity, born c1717; died 20 September 1809; married Mordecai Mendenhall, 21 March 1735, Leacock Meeting

William, born 30 January 1721/22; died 18 December 1760; married Mary Mills

Rachel, born c1723; died 19 March 1775; married (1) Stephanus Haworth, c1740 (2) Anthony Chamness

Isaac, born 3 February 1728/29; died 1802; married Phoebe Stroud,  c1750

There will be an update for sure on this family after I get to the Family History Library.