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Descendants of Roger Williams – No! Not That One! Part 4

If you have been following the Williams’ posts for the last few days, then you’ve learned a lot about the children and grandchildren of Roger and Cassie Ann (Blair) Williams. Here are their grandchildren through their five youngest children.

6. Elizabeth was born 4 March 1786, Virginia; died 27 January 1854, Lafayette County, Missouri; married Thomas F. Creasey, 7 August 1804, Bedford County, Virginia.  Thomas was born c1780; died before 4 December 1843, Lafayette County, Missouri. The Creaseys were apparently fairly well to do.  Thomas’s estate included 19 slaves and Elizabeth’s estate was valued over $1700 in 1854. Elizabeth was in Lafayette County in 1850, heading a household with Larusha Creasey, 17, born in Virginia and Martha Williams, 20, also born in Virginia.  Neither was named as an heir.  Paschal Gibbs stated that all of Thomas’s and Elizabeth’s heirs resided in Lafayette County, Missouri at the time of their deaths.  If this couple had other children, they apparently died young without issue.

Children: (Creasey)

  •  Roger W(illiams?), born c1807, probably Virginia; died June 1837, Bedford County,  Virginia; in February 1854, Paschal Gibbs was named guardian of his minor children in Lafayette County, Missouri; married Susanna G. Wade, daughter of Archibald Wade, 2 December 1833, Bedford County, Virginia; Roger was surety at the marriage of Nancy Hudnall and Thomas Weeks in 1829.
  • ?Susanna, born c1809; died probably by January 1837; married Gustavus Burton, 12 January 1830, Bedford County, Virginia. Charles Williams was surety. He was perhaps her uncle.  Susanna apparently died young, leaving no children, as she was not named as an heir of her parents, nor were any Burton children.  Gustavus married (2) Avaline Wade, daughter of Alexander Wade, 23 January 1837, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Cassie Ann B(lair?), 19 January c1812; died 18 February 1877, Lafayette County, Missouri; married Paschal A. Gibbs, 2 December 1833, Bedford County, Virginia. Paschal was born 21 November 1807, Virginia; died 10 November 1883; buried Greenton Cemetery, Lafayette County, Missouri.
  • Calista, 29 July 1805, Virginia; died 21 November 1872, Lafayette County, Missouri; married Jesse Roberts, 27 February 1832, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born April 1794, Virginia; died 26 July 1877, Lafayette County, Missouri. Jesse and Calista are found in Lafayette Co. in 1840 enumerated as 0000001-000001. They have boarders in 1850 and 1870, but no children.

7. William – died young and apparently had no children.

 8. George W. was born 24 March 1791; died c1844, possibly Grundy County, Missouri, although no court records have been found and he has not been placed in the 1840 census; married Nancy A. Austin, 4 November 1826, Bedford County, Virginia. Nancy was born 1800-1810; the daughter of Thomas and Nancy North Austin; died before 1 April 1858.  It is possible that George died in Virginia and never went to Missouri.  There is a Nancy Williams, 1840 Bedford County, Virginia census (p. 245) who may be Nancy Austin Williams (100000-012001).  Nancy’s heirs received her portion of her father’s estate in Bedford County, Virginia in 1858.  In 1830, George’s family lived in Campbell County, Virginia.   The December 1844 Chancery Court term shows Charles B. Williams was appointed guardian of infants Susan Catherine, Martha Elizabeth, Roger and George Williams, children of George Williams, deceased. Charles B. Williams accepted the guardianship at the March 1844 term of court in Missouri.


  • Susan Catherine, born August 1827, Virginia; died after Theodore; married Theodore Penniston, 17 February 1848, perhaps in Daviess County, Missouri. He was born 6 May 1812, Jessamine County, Kentucky, the son of Robert P. and Nancy Nuttall Penniston; died 9 November 1892, Daviess County, Missouri.
  • Martha Elizabeth, born 11 December 1829, Virginia; died 6 September 1900, Eddy County, New Mexico; married Charles A. Witt, 5 August 1852, Lafayette County, Missouri.
  • Daughter, born 1831-1835, Virginia; died before March 1844, when Charles B. Williams was appointed guardian for her siblings.
  • Roger, born 12 February 1836/7, Virginia; died 20 February 1915 (death certificate #4282); buried at Civil Bend Christian Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri; married (1) Elvira Creasey, 7 April 1859, Daviess County, Missouri (2) Mrs. Martha C. Conner, 1 August 1878, Daviess County, Missouri. She was born 18 October 1840; died 16 February 1938. Roger apparently lived in Nebraska for a time, as son Blair was born there in 1861 along with daughter Laura in 1866.
  • George, born 8 August 1841, VA; died 18 October 1931, Daviess County, Missouri; lived with Susan and Theodore Penniston in 1860; unmarried at that time,  but married Frances Pernesia, c1886. She was born 13 January 1867; died 27 March 1902. Both are buried at Civil Bend Christian Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri.

9. Martha was born 20 March 1793; died after 1880 census, probably Bedford County, Virginia; married Benjamin Witt, 27 December 1810, Bedford County, Virginia. Benjamin died before December 1843, probably Bedford County, Virginia, as the court ordered an inventory of his estate at that time. In 1870, Catherine Creasey, 17, lived with Martha in Otter Twp. as a domestic servant. In 1880, Patsey headed a household consisting of herself, grandchild Cassie Creasey, and another relative, illegible.

Children: (Witt)

  •  Elizabeth, born c1812, Virginia; died after 1850. Apparently never married.
  • Cassie Ann, born c1815, Virginia; died after 1880; married Matthew Creasey, 2 January 1836, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1810, Virginia; died 1870-1880.
  • Elvirah F., born 18 September 1814-22, Virginia; died 31 May 1904, Virginia; married William M. Stevens, 28 October 1850, Bedford County, Virginia. She was named as the daughter of Martha. William was born 24 May 1823, Virginia; died 29 September 1879, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Martha Jane, born c1816, Virginia; died after 1850; married William Creasey, 19 January 1837, Bedford County, Virginia. William Creasey was the son of Pleasant and Elizabeth (Betsy) Newman Creasey. Pleasant and William Creasey are mentioned as father and son in a couple of lawsuits in Franklin County, Virginia in the 1840s. Pleasant deposed that William left Virginia in 1842, but had since died.
  • William W., born c1816, Virginia; died 19 June 1889, Bedford County, Virginia of dropsy.
  • Nancy, born 26 February between 1818-1822, Virginia; died 1 December 1895, Bedford County, Virginia; married Jacob Clinkenspeal/Clinkenbeard, 25 January 1840, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1822, Virginia, the son of John and Molly Clingenpeel; died 11 July 1895, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Thomas W., born c1820, Virginia; died after 1880; married Martha J. Wright, 20 January 1856, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born c1824, Virginia; died 4 May 1881, Bedford County, Virginia of unknown causes. Martha was the daughter of Price and Sarah (Hudnall) Wright.
  • George W., born c1822, Virginia; died 13 October 1882, Bedford County, Virginia of fever, aged 60 years; married Margaret C. Wade, 14 December 1846, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Garnett Lee, born c1824, Virginia. In the 1860 Daviess County, Missouri census, G.L. Witt, 25, carpenter, born Virginia,  was living with John Ballinger, hotel proprietor. By 1870, Garnett had removed to Smyth County, Virginia and then until 1910, lived in Roanoke. He likely died between 1910-1920.
  • John Roger, born July 1825, Virginia; married Nancy Jane Christian.
  • ?Benjamin, born c1826, Virginia; died after 1860; married Frances Roberts, daughter of Thomas Roberts, 12 July 1847, Bedford County, Virginia. Benjamin is not a proven son.  However, he is of an age to be a son of Benjamin and Martha.
  • ?Charles A.; born 8 Dec 1827, Bedford County, Virginia; married Martha E. Williams, 5 Aug 1852, Lafayette County, Missouri. He was of Boone County, Missouri according to the marriage license.  Martha was born 7 December 1829; died 6 September 1900, Eddy County, New Mexico.  She appears to be the daughter of George and Nancy (Austin) Williams, in the family above.
  • Susanna D., born c1833, Virginia; died after 1880; married John M. Stevens, 11 October 1853, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1832, Virginia; died after 1900. Both probably died in Bedford County, Virginia.

10. Charles B. – apparently never had any children.

I have information on another couple of generations of Roger and Cassie Ann’s descendants. If you are related to this family, please leave a comment.


Descendants of Roger Williams – No! Not That One! Part 3

Roger Williams and Cassie Ann Blair had ten children, so we will take a look at grandchildren through his first five children today and the other five children tomorrow. The grandchildren are all bulleted, rather than numbered.

  1. Nancy was born 4 January 1776 and died June 1852 in Montgomery County, Missouri. She married (1) Archibald Nance, 10 Mar 1794 and (2) William Hudnall, 24 Nov 1804, as his second wife. She had children with each husband.

 Children: (Nance)    

  • Paschal W., born 7 November 1796, Virginia; died 9 March 1859, Bedford County, Virginia; married Patsey Creasey, 22 March 1819, Bedford County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mary Creasey. Thomas Creasey was surety. Patsey was born c1805, Virginia; died from consumption in February 1860, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Polly, born 12 Octpber 1798; died 3 February 1838, probably Callaway County, Missouri; married John Dearing, 22 December 1817, Bedford County, Virginia. Paschal Nance was surety.
  • Allen Blair, born 16 September 1801; died 5 March 1893, Gentry County, Missouri; married Polly A. Wade, 6 February 1826, Bedford County, Virginia.  She was born c1807; died 8 January 1879, probably Daviess County, Missouri. Polly was reportedly one of eleven daughters of Archibald and Nancy Wade.
  • Thomas, born possibly c1803; died 6 July 1805.

 Children: (Hudnall)

  • Jabez Leftwich, born 25 October 1805, Bedford County, Virginia; died 10 July 1881, Bedford County, Virginia; reportedly buried in the Nance Cemetery, Bedford County; married Elizabeth Wood, 22 March 1832, Campbell County, Virginia. Elizabeth was born 26 November 1816, Virginia; died 12 December 1896, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
  • Samuel William, born 15 July 1808, Bedford County, Virginia; died 2 May 1896, Montgomery County, Missouri; married Julia Ann Hewitt, 23 February 1835, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born c1814; died 1884. They settled in Montgomery County, Missouri in 1837. In 1876, they were living nearby in Callaway County, Missouri.
  • Martha, born c1813-1815; died after 1860; unmarried at that time. In 1860, she lived with widowed brother-in-law, William Elliott and his son in Montgomery County, Missouri.
  • Nancy, born 13 April 1812; died 1898, Montgomery County, Missouri; married William M. Hopkins, 12 October 1832, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born 14 July 1802, Virginia; died 11 Aug 1875, Montgomery County, Missouri.  This couple also settled in Montgomery County in 1837.
  • Parthena, born 18 July 1815, Bedford County, Virginia; died 4 July 1855, Clay County, Missouri; married John S. Howard.
  • Susannah, born 14 May 1818, Bedford County, Virginia; died 11 March 1853, Montgomery County, Missouri; buried Nettle Cemetery; married William Elliott. They settled in Missouri in 1835.
  • William Richard, born c1821, probably Bedford County, Virginia; died after 1850.

 2. Thomas was born 22 June 1777; died by 23 July 1823 when his estate began probate in Campbell County, Virginia. Thomas married Elizabeth Woodson, daughter of Anderson Woodson, 13 Dec 1805, Campbell County, Virginia.  He named James Jones as guardian of his two youngest children. The 1823 court record stated that Thomas had five children, the last born a few months after his death. All of Thomas’s children were named by Roger in his 1835 will.  Additionally, William W. Williams and Samuel B. Williams are named on 9 Dec 1831 when Thomas’s account was settled and apparently are the two youngest children.

These five sons are a very annoying brick wall because I cannot identify any of them in 1840 or 1850!


  • Thomas, born c1809; died after 1835
  • Woodson, born c1812; died after 1835.
  • John, born c1815; died after 1835.
  • Samuel B., born c1820; died after 1835. There is a Samuel B. Williams, born c1820, VA, millwright in Rowan County, NC in 1850. This man is living with the Samuel Linn family. This could possibly be the son of Thomas and Elizabeth, as other family members were millwrights.
  • William W., born about 1823; died after 1835.

3. Susannah, born 26 Sept 1779, Virginia; died after 1860 census, probably Maury County, Tennessee.  She was living with her son, Peter, and his family at that time; married Charles Williams, son of Revolutionary War soldier Charles Williams of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 11 April 1797, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1776; died by May 1844, Marshall County, Tennessee, when his will was probated. Charles had removed to Rockingham County, North Carolina by 1800. In 1820, there is a Charles Williams in Pittsylvania who appears to be this man. This family was gone from Virgina in 1830 and appears in Tennessee. They may have left Virginia about 1828, as Charles and Susannah sold land to Henry Sergeant at that time.


  • Nancy W., born c1799; died after 1860, possibly Giles County, Tennessee; married Isaac Gardner, 29 May 1820, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  The Gardners lived in between Peter and Charles Williams in 1830 in Maury County.  By 1840, it appears that the Gardners had moved on to Giles County. Isaac was born c1792, Virginia; died after 1850, probably Giles County, Tennessee.
  • Susan Caroline, born 28 March 1802; died 16 January 1837, probably Marshall County, Tennessee; married John Hubbard Stephens, 16 November 1829, Maury County, Tennessee. Her father named grandchildren Charles A., Mary Ann, and Thomas A. Stephens in his will. John was born 31 October 1806, Pittsylvania County, Virginia; died 10 September 1864, Osage County, Missouri. He married (2) Mary Meade Davis, 31 August 1837, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She was born c1805, Pittsylvania County, Virginia; died 11 November 1871, Benton Twp., Osage County, Missouri.
  • Charles A., born c1803; died after 1860, possibly Tishomingo County, Mississippi; married Louisa H. Cunningham, 27 September 1831, Maury County, Tennessee. Charles was bondsman for sister Cassie Ann’s marriage to John Ritchie.
  • Son, born c1805; died before 1820, probably Virginia.
  • Son, born c1807; died before 1820, probably Virginia.
  • Cassie Ann, born c1810; died before November 1835; married John Ritchie, 1 November 1825, Pittsylvania County, Virginia; bondsman was her brother, but he was listed as Charles D. Williams. John Ritchie married (2) Elizabeth Lipscomb, 18 November 1835, Maury County, Tennessee. Cassie Ann was not named in her father’s will, but his grandchild, her daughter, Mary (Polly) Williams Richey, was.  John Ritchie also died young, by March 1840, leaving Polly an orphan.
  • Roger Samuel, born c1813; died Fall 1837, when administration of estate was granted in Maury County, Tennessee; married Dilla Ann Fausett, 2 July 1834, Maury County, Tennessee.
  • Peter, born c1815; died after 1860, probably Maury County, Tennessee; married Nancy P. Boaz, 26 December 1853, Maury County, Tennessee. She was born c1828; died after 1860.
  • Son, born c1818; died young.
  • Elizabeth, born c1817; died after 1850, possibly Cape Girardeau County, Missouri; married Jeremiah Hendrix, c1835, probably Tennessee. He was born c1813, South Carolina; died after 1850, possibly Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Jeremiah was named guardian of Cassie Ann’s daughter, Polly Williams Richey, in 1840.
  • Mary A. M., born c1820; died after May 1844, when she was named in her father’s will. There are two Marshall County marriages that might pertain to her. One Mary A. Williams married William B. Hopper on 3 August 1848. One Mary Williams married David A. Hill on 1 December 1850.  In 1860, the Hoppers were in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1860 while the Hills were still in Maury County at that time.

4. Sam Allen3 (Roger2, Roger1) was born 2 March 1782, Virginia; died c1859, Callaway or Osage County, Missouri; married Peggy Blair, 8 July 1805, Amherst County, Virginia; removed to Missouri, c1833/34, but first lived in Callaway County and later in Osage County. In 1850, “Samel” Williams, 65, is living with the James and Jane Anderson family in Callaway County. All were born in Virginia. This may be Sam Allen Williams.


  • 1.Archibald Nance, born 20 May 1806; died before December 1862, probably Osage County, Missouri; married (1) Mary Crouch, 30 November 1833, Campbell County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Lewis Crouch; (2) Maria Broughton, 7 June 1841, Callaway County, Missouri.  She was born c1811, Kentucky; died after December 1862.
  • Mary Ann, born 10 August 1810; died October 1849, Osage County, Missouri; married Creed Burnett, 30 January 1830, Campbell County, Virginia, as his second wife.
  • Nancy A., born c1810; married Thomas G. Fox, 23 September 1835, Campbell County, Virginia. In 1840, Thomas G. Fox is listed next door to John Dearing in Nine Mile Twp., Callaway County, Missouri.
  • Daughter, born c1812.
  • Daughter, born c1816.
  • Daughter, born c1818.
  • Daughter, born c1820.

5. Mary was born 17 March 1784, probably Bedford County, Virginia; died 4 November 1872, Montgomery County, Missouri; married Richard Hudnall, 23 March 1802, Bedford County, Virginia.  He was born 22 March 1775, Virginia; reportedly died 15 December 1863, in North Carolina. He was the son of William and Frances Smith Hudnall. In 1850, the “Hadnell” family was living in Patrick County, Virginia, but, by 1860, lived in Henry County, Virginia. Shortly after, the family removed to Rockingham County, North Carolina, where Richard died.  Polly continued to live in Rockingham County at least until the 1870 census. By 1872, she had removed to Montgomery County, Missouri.

Children: (Hudnall)

  • Susan, born 2 January 1803; died 5 June 1830.
  • Elizabeth R., born 10 May 1805; died 30 January 1881, Montgomery County, Missouri; buried at the Holt-Covington Cemetery, Callaway County, Missouri; married Joseph Covington, 5 December 1833, Rockingham County, North Carolina. He was born c1785; died 26 May 1863, North Carolina.
  • Nancy, born 6 February 1808, Virginia; died 20 November 1883, Montgomery County, Missouri; married Thomas Weeks, 21 December 1829, Bedford County, Virginia. Thomas was born 20 January 1806; died 24 Nov 1883, Montgomery County, Missouri.  Both are buried at Old Holt Cemetery, north of Williamsburg, Callaway County, Missouri.
  • Richard Nathan, born 14 October 1810, Virginia; died 15 Apr 1881, Montgomery County, Missouri; married Catherine Covington, 11 Feb 1834, Rockingham County, North Carolina. She was born c1811, North Carolina; died after 1876, probably Montgomery County, Missouri.
  • Mary, born 25 September 1813, Bedford County, Virginia; died 7 March 1900, Montgomery County, Missouri; buried at Holt-Covington Cemetery, Callaway County, Missouri. She apparently did not marry.
  • Elmira, born 5 Apr 1816, Virginia; died 6 Apr 1894; married (1) John Clark, 28 Sept 1841, Patrick County, Virginia (2) Claiborn Hundley, 24 Nov 1853, Rockingham County, North Carolina.
  • Sarah G., born 23 May 1818, Virginia; died 29 Aug 1901, Montgomery County, Missouri; married Jesse Pavey, 17 October 1878, Montgomery County, Missouri. He died 19 June 1884. They had no children.
  • Charles William, born 12 January 1821, Virginia; died 18 February 1862, Rockingham County, North Carolina; married Sophia Weston Suttenfield, 21 December 1847, Henry County, Virginia. She was born c1825, Virginia; died after 1850.
  • Tabitha Frances, born 21 April 1824, Bedford County, Virginia; died 30 June 1909, Montgomery County, Missouri;  married Daniel Hundley, 10 June 1856, Rockingham County, North Carolina. He died 14 Aug 1887. This couple apparently had no children of their own, but adopted Rufus Ward Hundley, born c1861, Virginia.
  • Martha Rebecca, born 22 March 1827, Virginia; died 14 July 1905, Montgomery County, Missouri; married (1) Andrew Jackson Wigginton, 21 February 1849, possibly in Patrick County, Virginia; he probably died in North Carolina. (2) John Beaty Conley, 4 July 1880, possibly in Montgomery County, MIssouri; He was born 1 January 1829; died 22 June 1912. Rebecca Wigginton, as she was identified, lived in her father’s household in 1850.  J. Wigginton was not living there and no Wigginton children were identified.  In 1860, Rebecca was living with her sister Tabitha’s family as Rebecca Hudnall. Apparently, she had no children.

Tomorrow, the grandchildren of Roger and Cassie Ann (Blair) Williams through their other five children will be identified.