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William Mike (Buck) Nation (1903-1979)

Since I’ve delved back into the Nation family, it’s only right that I spotlight William Mike (Buck) Nation, only son of Clayton Columbus Nation and Matilda Jane Dulworth.

Buck, as he was known, was born 6 August 1903 in Livingston, Overton, Tennessee, the second of three children born to the couple.

This is the only photo I have of Buck, taken about 1920 or 1921, when he was about 18 years old. Clay, his father, is seated.

The Nations moved from the Cumberland County, Kentucky-Overton County, Tennessee area to Granite, Greer, Oklahoma between the 1910 census and the summer of 1913.

It doesn’t appear that Buck attended school before Oklahoma, but he is found enrolled in Granite schools and, in 1940, he reported that he had an 8th grade education.

In 1930, Buck was head of household in a home that included his widowed mother, Tilda Jane, and his (half) brother, James Crit Nation. He farmed his own land.

On 2 March 1932, Buck married Bertie Mae Nunn in Caddo County, Oklahoma.

They were the parents of one son, Albert Leroy Nation, born 1932, and who died on 30 July 2012 in Oklahoma. Albert Leroy married and had three children of his own.

Buck Nation died on 30 January 1979, possibly in Oklahoma City, but is buried in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma, where he spent most of his life. Bertie survived him by many years, passing away on 30 June 1998 in Granite, one month shy of her 90th birthday.

If you are descended from Clay and Matilda Jane (Dulworth) Nation, I would love to share stories and information with you. Please leave a comment.