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Samuel Williams, born 1781, Cumberland County, VA and His Family

The Williams family of Cumberland County, Virginia was quite extensive and I have previously written several posts about them. Samuel Williams, son of Samuel and grandson of Thomas, was born 19 March 1781, probably in Cumberland County, Virginia. He died about 1850 in Bedford County, Virginia, where his will was probated. Samuel married Betsey Wingo in December 1803 in Amelia County, Virginia. Betsey was born on 19 June 1784 and predeceased Samuel, passing away on 19 June 1840.

Samuel and Betsey Williams represented the last of the old Virginia way of life. Neither lived to see the Civil War, but – it pains me to write this, even though this is not my family –  Samuel was a well-to-do plantation owner with 28 slaves in 1840. Tobacco was a big crop in Bedford County and Samuel likely was a tobacco farmer.

The area is hilly and mountainous, with some area cleared for farming. It is still quite rural and, as of 2010, only 698 people lived there.

Samuel’s children are all found in the 1850 census and they were also mostly farmers and, between them, owned about eighty slaves.


  1. Albert Gallatin, born 1 December 1805, Virginia; died shortly after the 1850 census and likely unexpectedly as his estate was probated over a five year period of time from 1850-1855. He married (1) Elizabeth T. Quarles, 9  April 1827, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born c1809 and died 23 July 1835 in Bedford County. (2) Matilda Stoner, 23 July 1836, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born c1814 and died after 1850.
  2. Edward D(owning?), born 3 January 1807, Virginia; died 1887, Phelps County, Missouri. He married Martha Jones on 21 October 1826 in Bedford County. She was born c1806, Virginia and died after 1887, possibly in Phelps County, Missouri or Roanoke County, Virginia. Martha was the daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Gray Jones. Edward was the lone family member who did not farm. In 1850, he was a hotel keeper. Later in Missouri, he worked as a clerk and merchant. Edward filed for bankruptcy after the Civil War.
  3. James Madison, born 28 October 1808, Virginia; died 17 January 1873, Bedford County, Virginia. He married Harriet P. Sublett, 22 June 1830, Bedford County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Peter and Nancy Sublett.
  4. William R., born 5 December 1810, Virginia; died after 1870. He married Betsey Farmer, 17 July 1843, Bedford County, Virginia. Betsey was born c1820 and died after 1870. She was the daughter of Marshall B. Farmer. By 1870, they were living in Allegheny County, Virginia and their son, William A., had died. It appears they had no surviving children. Mary F. Farmer was head of household. She was likely a distant cousin through Roger Williams’s family. Also in the household was Mary Quarles, aged 15, likely a daughter of William’s deceased sister, Elizabeth, who married Giles Quarles.
  5. Samuel Wingo, born 8 March 1813, Virginia; died after 1874. He married possibly (1) Mary Jane Owens, 5 October 1840, Powhatan County, Virginia. She was the niece of Elizabeth and Nancy Sublett. (2) Sarah Ann Scruggs, 14 September 1846, Bedford County, Virginia. Samuel filed for bankruptcy in 1874.
  6. John A., born 8 February 1816, Virginia; died after 1860 census. He is said to have married Sarah Miller, c1838.
  7. Elizabeth Frances, born 20 March 1821, Virginia; died 14 September 1858, Bedford County, Virginia. She married Giles T. Quarles, 6 April 1840, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1814 and died c1871, when his estate was probated.
  8. Martha A., born 5 April 1823, Virginia; died 17 April 1890, probably Rockbridge County, Virginia. She married David Stoner, 12 September 1844, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born 16 May 1818 and died 29 November 1872, probably in Rockbridge County, Virginia.
  9. Septimus Ligon, born 12 July 1847, Bedford County, Virginia; died 1 January 1912, Phelps County, Missouri. He married Sarah Frances White, 12 July 1847, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born 20 January 1819 and died 26 December 1882, Phelps County, Missouri.