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A Few Berggrens in Malmöhus County, Sweden, 1700s

Two of my Swedish 5X great grandparents are Johan Caspersson Sandberg and Anna Stina Berggren, who, although of unknown origins, settled in Genarp, in the old Malmöhus County, Sweden by the mid-1770s. Johan was a shoemaker and the Genarp church book repeatedly calls him “Skomakare Sandberg,” omitting his given names.

They were the parents of five children – Johan Niclas, born c1766, Elsa Christina, born c1774 and died 27 June 1832, unmarried, at Malmö Hospital Parish along with three younger siblings, all born in Genarp – Anna Kjersti, born 26 February 1776, Johan Jorgen, born 3 January 1779 and Johan George, born 9 March 1782.

It took many years to learn the maiden name of Anna Stina, which was found while paging through loose documents found in a file on ArkiDigital.

I’m uncertain how accurate the ages at death are for Johan Caspersson and Anna Stina, who died within a few days of each other in Genarp. It is said that Johan C. was born c1737 and Anna Stina about 1743, possibly in Hackeberga, which is a castle just a short distance down the road from Genarp.

These towns are in the southwestern corner of Sweden.

Mr. Berggren was a witness at the baptism of one of the Sandbergs’ children, but, quite annoyingly, no given name was mentioned. It is extremely likely that this was a brother of Anna Stina.

Since the discovery of Anna Stina’s maiden name, I have encountered a handful of Berggrens who appear in records of Malmöhus County. However, I have had no luck connecting them to Anna Stina or to anyone else for that matter.

Johan Caspersson’s and Anna Stina’s daughter, Anna Kjersti, married Hans Niclas Molin on 17 April 1800 in Öved, Sweden.

There is a mention of one Johan Sandberg, living in Öved, Sweden, October 1766, but I have no idea if this is “my” Johan Casperson Sandberg.

Berggren isn’t a commonly occurring surname in this time period and area. By sharing the facts in this post, perhaps someone will see a name and be able to add to these basic facts.

Karna Berggren, born 10 October 1780, daughter of Hans Berggren and Bereta Persdotter, Trelleborg, Sweden

Jons Peter Berggren, born 23 March 1785, Öved, Sweden, son of miller Jons Berggren

Jons Peter Berggren, journeyman shoemaker in Malmö Caroli Parish, 1803

George Berggren, journeyman shoemaker, Malmö Parish, 1806, 24 years old and born in Genarp, Sweden

Jons Berggren, born 21 March 1741, Träne, Sweden

If any Berggren researchers can further identify any of these people, I would dearly love for you to leave a comment. Thank you!