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Benjamin W. Adams (1837-1914) of Lubec, Maine

After revisiting Emeline M. Adams and Loring Bill a while back, I took another look at the nine children born to my 3X great grandparents, Daniel Adams and Sarah Ann Parker. I’ve come to realize that while I’ve covered most of their children, I have unintentionally ignored a couple of them, so I plan to remedy that over the next month.

Firstborn of those nine children and one I’ve overlooked is Benjamin William Adams, born in November 1837 on Adams Island, West Isles, New Brunswick, Canada. Benjamin removed from Canada to Calais, Washington, Maine about 1856 when Daniel moved his family on to the mainland. As far as I can determine, although some of his siblings returned to Canada to live, Benjamin never did.

Benjamin married Mary Ellen Thayer on 26 January 1861 in Lubec, Washington, Maine and remained there for the rest of his life. He died on 2 June 1914, Lubec, Washington, Maine. Mary Ellen was born c1844 in Maine. She died 6 July 1936, probably in Maine. Lubec is just “down the road apiece” from Calais, about 45 miles along a meandering road that follows the waterways.

Of course, back in the 1800s and early 1900s, that was quite a distance and it’s possible that trips to Calais were made by boat. Lubec is actually very close to Campobello Island, home to more of my Loyalist ancestors.

Ben and Mary Ellen were the parents of four children, who were likely born in Lubec:

  1. Harlan Page, born 21 December 1861, Maine; died January 1946, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Evelina M. Allen, 6 April 1884, Lubec, Washington, Maine
  2. Charles Linden, born 16 February 186, Maine; died 1943, Maine; married Vieva Bradford Mugford, 8 November 1894, Lubec, Washington, Maine.
  3. Maud, born 29 April 1872, Maine; died 3 November 1874
  4. William B., born 6 July 1876, Maine; reportedly died in 1947. William never married, at least up to the time of the 1940 census.

Harlan and Charles are the only two who married and had children.

Therefore, all Benjamin’s and Mary’s grandchildren were children of sons Harlan and Charles.

Children of Harlan Page and Evelina M. (Allen) Adams are:

  1. Frank Page, born 24 July 1884, Maine; died 1 January 1980, Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts; married Alice B. Butler. She was born c1889, Maine.
  2. Ethel Maud, born 1886; died 1888.
  3. Nellie F., born 10 April 1889, Maine; died 9 February 1989; married Edgar Burton Bagley. He was born 23 April 1891, Maine; died August 1979, East Machias, Washington, Maine.
  4. Mildred, born 12 December 1890, Maine; died 26 October 1962, Maine; married Frank Clark Bixby, 3 March 1915, Lubec, Washington, Maine. Frank was born 8 November 1877, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts; died 7 May 1950. This couple had no children. They are buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Milbridge, Washington, Maine.
  5. Adelaide Maude, born 20 September 1897, Maine; died 22 August 1978; married Clarence A. Strout, 7 November 1917, Lubec, Washington, Maine. He was born 14 September 1889; died 29 January 1926.

Of these five children, Frank, Nellie and Addie had children.

Child of Charles Linden and Vieva Bradford (Mugford) Adams:

  1. Vance Harte, born January 1896, Maine; died after 1940; married Grace J. Hill. She was born 1892, New Hampshire; died after 1940. They adopted one daughter, Ardis H., who was born in Massachusetts c1926.

Therefore, Charles and Vieva have no bloodline descendants.

Lastly, we have great grandchildren of Benjamin and Mary Ellen, born to Frank, Nellie and Addie.

Frank Page and Alice B. (Butler) Adams had one son:

  1. Frank Page Jr., born 31 January 1921, Dorchester, Massachusetts; died 4 June 1996; married Muriel L. (MNU). She was born 1927; died 1994. Both are buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery, California. It is not known whether or not they had any children, so there could potentially be descendants in this line.

Nellie F. and Edgar Burton Bagley had four children:

  1. Ruth E., born 31 March 1917, Maine; died 13 June 2013, Machias, Washington, Maine; married Edgar W. Foss. He was born 16 September 1918; died 20 September 1968. Both are buried at Jacksonville Cemetery, East Machias, Washington, Maine. This couple had children so there are descendants today from this line.
  2. Burton Norris, born 3 December 1919, Maine; died 30 March 1985; Burton married Marion C. McCarty, 20 November 1941, Maine. She was born 15 May 1913, Maine; died 23 October 2004. There are descendants in this line.
  3. John William, born and died 2 December 1921.
  4. John William, born 28 February 1925, Maine; died 12 February 2009. It is not known whether he married and/or had children, so there could be descendants in this line.

Adelaide Maude and Clarence A. Strout had two children:

  1. Muriel Elizabeth, born 26 December 1919, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; died 25 May 2002, Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine; married Donald Brown Devoe. He was born 11 September 1919 and died on 30 July 2015. There are descendants in this line.
  2. Edith Jeanette, born 19 April 1925, Maine; died 6 February 2009; married Craig H. Richards, 29  June 1948, Maine. He predeceased her. There are descendants in this line.

If you recognize any of these families and are a relative, please contact me. 🙂