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June Tech Moment: Atlantis Word Processor

This month’s Tech Moment is an introduction to Atlantis Word Processor.

There are multiple options for good word processing programs out there, but a program that is one person’s favorite might not work as well for someone else. When I learned about Atlantis Word Processor, I thought it would be an excellent Tech Moment.

First, Atlantis Word Processor is a Windows-based product. There are three different versions available to users. Lite is FREE and has enough features to suit most users. There are also two paid versions. The Standard license costs $35 and includes free personalized tech support and free upgrades to the current version of the program. The Ultimate license costs only $49 and also provides free personalized tech support. However, its big benefit is free lifetime upgrades to all future versions.

However, it isn’t necessary to spend even a penny to try it out because there is a free 30-day evaluation period that begins with the first day of use, not the first day you download the program (if you don’t get around to trying it out that day.) While some companies offer limited access to programs in trials, Atlantis Word Processor gives access to ALL the features found in the program.

Notice the A logo at the bottom of the screen that says Take a Quick Tour? Take a few minutes to view the 8-slide tour to learn more about the features and capabilities offered in Atlantis Word Processor.

In addition to the typical word processing commands found in most programs, Atlantic Word Processor can be downloaded onto a flash drive and taken anywhere. There are add-on spellcheckers for words not written in English, documents, booklets, books and eBooks can all be created and saved as PDFs, files can be backed up so work isn’t lost and customizations can be set up.

I’m going to try out the free version of Atlantic Word Processor because I’m still using Word 2003! Neither my husband nor I use many fancy features in Word and we weren’t interested in paying for a subscription to its Office products. I’ve also noticed lately that there are times when I’ve tried to open Word 2003 and it gets hung or says it has to find something missing, which makes me worry about it crashing, burning and destroying access to some of my genealogy compilations.

Atlantic Word Processor is very appealing with all its features, ease of use and very reasonable $49 price tag for lifetime support and access to all future versions. Although I have no plans at the moment to take on any book length projects, I do have a number of family histories in progress. Transferring them to another program and saving as PDFs would probably be a good decision on my part!