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Anthony & Mary Head, Washington County, VA, 1780s

Anthony Head was probably born c1735. Many think he is the Anthony Head in Culpepper County, Virginia in 1763. Culpepper County borders Orange County, Virginia, where an earlier Anthony Head was living and there is speculation that these men are father and son. Orange County records are on my research list to see if there is any documentation for this theory.

Anthony’s wife was named Mary. Some speculate that her maiden name was Garvin, but I have not found any proof of this. By 1773, this family had settled on the frontier in Washington County, Virginia.

Anthony Head died about 1781, probably in Washington County, as Mary was head of household on the next few surviving county tax lists.

Mary entered a marriage agreement with Isaac Baker of nearby Sullivan County, Tennessee on 4 September 1787. He agreed to convey one third of his property to her and to provide her two youngest sons (James and Gavin) with 100 acres each. The agreement was recorded in Washington County, Virginia.

Isaac Baker died in 1793, with Mary surviving him by many years. Her heirs filed a lawsuit at the 2 August 1816 term of Scott County, Virginia court against the administrator of her estate, her son, James Head. The suit was eventually dismissed, but it is invaluable as it names her heirs.


  1. Mary, born c1758; married Lewis Pitts, c1778, probably Washington County, Virginia. The eldest male and female in Lewis’s household in 1820 in Tyler County, Virginia were over 45. Both seem to have died before 1830, as the younger Pitts found in Tyler and Washington Counties have no elderly people living with them.
  2. Phebe, born c1761, Virginia; died after 1850, when she was 89 years old and living with her son’s family in Lawrence County, Alabama;  married Samuel Livingston, c1781, probably Washington County, Virginia. He was born 1750-1760; died after 1830, probably Lawrence County, Alabama, where he lived at the time.
  3. Elizabeth, born c1763; married Peter Livingston, c1783. He died c1815.
  4. Millicent, born c1765; married Loving Bledsoe., c1785. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, born c1755, Rowan County, North Carolina and died before 6 October 1817 in St. Charles County, Missouri, when Anthony Bledsoe served as his administrator.
  5. Joseph, born c1767; died after August 1816, when his mother’s estate was probated; married Mary Young, 5 February 1788, Washington County, Virginia. They may have eventually moved to Missouri after settling in Lee County, Virginia.
  6. William, born c1769; died 1822, Howard County, Missouri, where his estate was probated;  married Susannah Livingston,
  7. Anthony; living in Boone County, Missouri by 1817. He may be the Anthony Head, over 45 years old, living in Washington County, Indiana in 1820.
  8. Gavin, born 1770-1780; died after 1830, probably Boone County, Missouri; married Catherine Hensley.
  9. James, born c1777, probably Washington County, Virginia; died after 1850, probably Scott County, Virginia; married Mary. She was born c1780, Virginia; died after 1850, probably also in Scott County, Virginia.