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Ancestral Quest 16 Software Released

I received an email from Gaylon Findlay about the release of Ancestral Quest 16 genealogy software while we were on our recent Hawaiian cruise and promised to share the information with my readers when I returned home.

Here is the 12 December press release, in case you haven’t seen it.

Ancestral Quest is an excellent genealogy software program and is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

If you would like more information about AQ 16, visit Incline Software.


Gaylon Findlay
President, Incline Software LC


Incline Software Releases Ancestral Quest 16

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 12, 2019)Incline Software, LC, producer of Ancestral Quest™, premier family tree software for Windows and Mac, announced today the release of Ancestral Quest version 16. This new silver anniversary release provides exciting, easy to use new features, including a new Descendants View, printing of background images on many charts, improvements to AQ’s ability to sync with FamilySearch™ Family Tree, and more efficient ways to enter important genealogical data.

Major New Features

Descendants View A much-requested new feature, the Descendants view joins the Pedigree, Family, Name List, Individual, and Timeline views of the program. This provides users with yet another way to view and navigate the records within their database as they see descendants of any ancestor at a glance.

Share Data Elements When users add or edit events and facts for individuals, they can now share (copy) an event with other individuals in the database. For example, after finding a family of 10 on a census record, users can go to one member of the family, add a “Residence” event to indicate that the person lived in that location on the date of the census, and attach a census source to the Residence event. They can then Share that event and source quickly with the other 9 members of the family, without having to individually add the Residence event to each person.

Users can also select any image (or other scrapbook item), which is a part of the Scrapbook of one person in their file, and share (copy) that media item with the scrapbook of other people in the file.

Background Images on many Charts For many charts, users can now include a background image to personalize and add interest. Background images can be placed on these charts: Pedigree, Fan, Ancestry (Standard and Wall chart), Descendant (Standard, Wall chart and Dropline chart), Line of Descent, Calendar and Timeline.

The background image can be displayed with various levels of transparency. Background images can even be moved around on the chart. As an example, you can create a birthday calendar for a month, where you set the page margins to .5 inches for left, bottom and right, but to 5.8 inches for top margin (this will put the calendar on the bottom half of an 8.5 x 11 paper), then put a picture on the top half of the page.

Improved Syncing with FamilySearch Family Tree

Ancestral Quest 16 makes some improvements in its syncing with FamilySearch Family Tree, intended to make syncing more natural and to better fit into the flow of data exchange between two systems.

Improved Handling of FamilySearch Sources For nearly a decade, Ancestral Quest has allowed users to download sources from FamilySearch Family Tree directly into the user’s personal family tree. FamilySearch sources are formatted as freeform citations in a way that works well for some users but doesn’t fit well into the sourcing scheme used by many other users of Ancestral Quest. To overcome this, AQ 16 provides a new option to convert FamilySearch sources into traditional AQ sources during the import process, as well as converting previously imported sources later. For example, if there are 10 members of a family, and all are listed on the 1920 census, then FamilySearch creates 10 different source citations, and if you import them without this new feature, you will end up with 10 source records of the same census record in your list of Sources. If you take advantage of this new optional feature, you can create just one source for the 1920 census, and attach all FamilySearch citations to this single source. This feature is explained in more detail and demonstrated in this video: Advanced Handling of FamilySearch Sources.

Advanced Syncing When exchanging events/facts between a personal family database and FamilySearch, there is a new “Advanced Options” button, which allows users to transfer just the date or just the place for an event. Users also have the option of editing the name of the place before transferring it.

Other Enhancements

Add/Remove Country Names If you are regularly downloading data from, or uploading data to, other genealogy systems (like FamilySearch), this tool will help you keep your data the way you want it. For example, you can add “United States” to all states, or remove “United States” or “Canada” from all states or provinces.

Tags Enhancements Tags allow users to spot records with special attributes at a glance. Version 16 makes it easier to assign and remove tags from records of individuals.

MapIt From within several of AQ’s screens, you have been able to request a map of any of the places shown. In the past, these requests have been filled by the MapQuest Internet service. With version 16, you can choose which of several Internet mapping services should be used to display the desired map.

Enhancements to Couple Relationships In version 16, Ancestral Quest separates the type of relationship from the status of the relationship. Relationship types now are: Married, Not Married, Common Law, and de facto. The status of a relationship can be ‘blank’, indicating an ongoing relationship, or it could have terminated as Divorced, Separated or Annulled. Version 16 also allows you to record non-traditional couple relationships.

More And there are many more new features and improvements to Ancestral Quest 16. Read a more complete discussion.

You can also watch a video which demonstrates the most important new and improved features of Ancestral Quest 16.

Incline Software™ developed Ancestral Quest 25 years ago, in 1994, and has been enhancing it ever since. AQ is a powerful yet easy to use, full-featured genealogy records manager, used both by beginners and professionals. Its reporting capabilities are excellent, and it uses unique, advanced technologies to enable accurate source documentation. AQ has advanced scrapbooking capabilities that allow users to preserve their precious photos, video clips, and audio clips for posterity, keeping the memory of ancestors alive for generations to come.

Ancestral Quest was the first family tree desktop product to be certified by FamilySearch to sync with with the FamilySearch databases, and was given the “Most Comprehensive Syncing” award by FamilySearch in 2009.

Genealogy enthusiasts can acquire Ancestral Quest for Windows or Mac by visiting www.ancquest.com. A free “Basics” version is available, which contains all of the essential features of recording a family tree, at no charge. For a modest fee, new users can purchase a key to unlock the advanced features ($34.95 for Windows or $44.95 for Mac). Existing users can upgrade for $24.95 for Windows or $29.95 for Mac. (Note that the Mac version of AQ currently runs on recent versions of Mac OS X, but AQ does not yet run on Catalina. Incline Software relies on a product called, “CrossOver”, to run on Mac OS X. The new version of CrossOver, which will allow Ancestral Quest to run on Apple’s new Catalina OS, was just released on December 10. A special version of CrossOver, that is bundled with Ancestral Quest for Mac, should be available in a few weeks, at which time AQ will be available for Mac users who have upgraded to the Catalina version of Mac OS X.)

In addition to English, Ancestral Quest is also available in several other languages including complete translations in German, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Turkish and Norwegian, and with ample translations in Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese and Hungarian. Learn more about Incline Software, Ancestral Quest or Ancestral Quest Basics by visiting www.ancquest.com or by calling Incline Software at 801-280-4434.

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