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Ancestor Count 2024

2023 was a year that made me smile because multiple articles by professional genealogists appeared in issues of The Register and The American Genealogist. One journal issue actually contained TWO articles about different branches of the family tree.

I can’t say the same for my husband’s family tree as it seems no one ever writes about them!

Here’s my Ancestor Count for 2024:

Although several earlier generation numbers decreased slightly (I realized that I couldn’t just subtract numbers because I had several people listed as “Unknown” so they showed up in the list, I still increased the total number of known ancestors (with at least a first name for women) by 25!!

I can’t claim any credit – it’s all because of those wonderful professional genealogists who publish their findings. Many, many thanks to them!

Dave’s count actually declined by 4 persons because of the same subtraction issue I’ve already mentioned:

It’s definitely not that I ignore the Stufflebean family tree, it’s that so many of the colonial Americans chose to live either on the frontier, where records are sparse, or they settled in burned counties, where plentiful records became sparse because of fire.

Realistically, I can’t expect my tree numbers to grow much more unless a female’s maiden name is proved in the various branches.

I still have some hope that a few of Dave’s branches will bloom with new ancestors.

Has your ancestor count increased?