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Last Mystery Photo of 2016

Here is the last mystery photo for this year, although it’s only half a mystery because I know the two little boys.

Who Are They?

Half the puzzle is solved and it helps narrowing down where the picture was taken and who the girls might be, although I don’t have the answer to that question right now.

The boy on the left is Alton Horne, half brother of Pearl Lillian Brasher Stufflebean. The little boy being held in the center of the photo is Edward Stufflebean, my husband’s father. Ed was born in June 1917, so this picture was probably taken in the summer of 1918.

Knowing that the first boy is Alton Horne and that Pearl is Ed’s mother, I tend to think that this setting is in Dike, Hopkins County, Texas and that they were visiting Pearl’s family.

Although Pearl’s grandfather, John C. Williams, married twice and had two sets of children, his daughters by his second marriage would be well into their 20s by 1918. Pearl herself was 20 and the young lady holding Ed doesn’t look like Pearl and she definitely looks a lot younger than 20.

Minnie Williams Brasher Horne, Pearl’s mom, had only two children – Pearl and Alton.

The girls could possibly be cousins of the boys or they might just be neighbor girls helping to care for the little ones. They don’t look like each other, so I don’t think they are sisters, but it’s not impossible.

This is a mystery that might never be solved.