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Addie Florence Nation (Duley) Duley (1906-1969)

My mother-in-law described her Aunt Addie as the only full sister of her mother, Ethel Anne Nation. Aside from that description, she never said much about Addie and I don’t think she saw much of her as Addie lived over 100 miles from Anadarko, where my mother-in-law grew up.

She did pass on one photo of Addie as a young girl.

Addie Nation, left with sister Ethel, c1920

I also have one of her when she was middle-aged:

Addie Florence Nation was the youngest child born to Clayton Columbus Nation and Matilda Jane Dulworth. Although her gravestone gives a 1907 year of birth, the 1910 census, taken on 27 April 1910, records her age as 4 years old. She was likely born on 17 April 1906 in Overton County, Tennessee.

The Nation household was a bit unconventional because her three eldest siblings were half siblings, born to her mother, Tilda Jane. Who the father of those children was has never been determined by descendants.

Another most unconventional event happened when Addie was about 7 years old. Her father, Clay, was arrested and tried for the killing of her mother’s brother, Crit. Clay was acquitted, but other relatives have described that event as “hard times.”

When Addie was 18 years old, she married Joe A. Duley on 14 January 1925 in Jackson County, Oklahoma. Joe was born 6 May 1900 in Kentucky and died 3 November 1981 in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma.

How Joe and Addie met is unknown, but Joe’s family lived in Lone Wolf, Kiowa, Oklahoma, which was only 8 miles from Granite, Greer, Oklahoma, where Addie was born and grew up.

Joe and Addie were the parents of one son, Alford Jack, born 18 February 1925 in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma.

Alford Jack married, had two sons and two daughters and died on 19 June 1994 in Granite. Both of his sons have also passed away, but since there are living family members, nothing further will be said about them.

Oklahoma was hit with the double whammy of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. Some time between 1930 and 1935, Joe and Addie divorced.

Addie perhaps married (2) Walter D. Duley, c1934, although no record has been found. Walter was the younger brother of Joe Duley, born 8 April 1908.

Walter and Addie were the parents of three sons, Bobby Gene, Jerry Kenneth and Donnie Ray, all of whom have passed away. Again, because of numerous living family members, no further details are provided here.

Addie, per census records, was a homemaker. In 1930, husband Joe and Addie worked as farm laborers. Joe was unable to read or write. Addie attended school through the sixth grade. Walter Duley, who attended school through Grade 4, worked for the Santa Fe Railway Company in the 1940s. By 1950, his occupation was listed as a painter.

Walter and Addie went their separate ways later in the 1950s, as Walter married (2) Janie Lynne Steele, 19 September 1958 in Greer County, Oklahoma.

Walter Duley died on 6 August 1960 in Granite. Addie survived him by six years, passing away on 27 December 1969 in Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma.

Addie has living grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you are part of Addie’s family, I would love to hear from you to learn more about her life.