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Accentuate the Positive! 2023 Edition

Jill Ball, who writes GeniAus, has issued the 2023 edition of Accentuate the Positive! geneameme. I’m a bit late with my responses, as we were on a cruise earlier this month and then the holiday festivities arrived.

However, I’m back on track now and here are my responses:

1. On revisiting some old research I found everything from a previously unknown maiden name to multiple generations to add to my family tree. Lots of success this year when I took a new look.
2. In 2023 I hooked up with a new (to me) living cousin – unfortunately, none for me.
3. I’m pleased I replaced a tool I had been using with the dreaded [Gutenberg] blocks for this WordPress blog. I’m not sure I’m really pleased, but I have to give up the Classic edition of WordPress before it is no longer supported.
4. My sledge hammer did great work on this brick wall: Although I’ve made some progress adding to families’ life stories, I haven’t cracked any new brick walls this year.
5. I was pleased that I finally read: “finally” is the stumper for me. There isn’t really any reading that I’ve put off. I’ve read several genealogical mysteries in addition to many non-fiction books relating to aspects of my research, including Scots-Irish history, colonial North American history and the historic trails and roads in America and the paths by which my ancestors traveled.
6. I enjoyed my geneajourney to various websites that helped with my research. Sadly, I made no geneajourneys this year in person.
7. In 2023 I finally met: Nothing new here for me either.
8. I was the recipient of genearosity from readers who contacted me to share new information in the family tree.

10. I made a new DNA discovery: A cousin and I think we’ve figured out who a mysterious, unknown match is – a child given up for adoption by a deceased family member.

11.  An informative  journal or newspaper article I found was the always excellent journal published by the New England HIstoric Genealogical Society, The Register.

12.  A newspaper archive helped me access The Passaic (NJ) Herald News, which is full of details about family and friends.
13.  I enjoyed my wander around … cemetery – No in-person cemetery wanders for me, although I was quite shocked to learn that a distant collateral line from Canada ended up with burials right in Arizona.
14. AI was a mystery to me but I learnt  enough to know that it is still developing, sometimes makes up information and I should continue to do my own research!

15. The best value I got for my genealogy dollars was my membership in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, aka AmericanAncestors.

16.  It felt good to contribute to  my local Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society when I volunteered to teach a four week beginners class during the summer. They were anxious to get started and didn’t want to wait until the regular society beginners class began in January.

17. It was wonderful to catch up with genimates in person at Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society and at the monthly genealogy class I’ve taught for years.

18. I wouldn’t be without this technology: my desktop computer. I’m still working on learning RootsMagic 9 and Family Historian 7.

19. I wrote at least one new blog post every day in 2023!

20. I got a thrill from opening someone’s eyes to the joy of genealogy when I taught the summer class for SCVGS. (see #16)

21. Another positive I would like to share is how great it feels to help others with their research. I always respond to others, whether a comment is left on my blog, an email arrives or – ESPECIALLY – when I am messaged via Ancestry and MyHeritage. It’s very disheartening to try to contact others and never get a response. Take the time to answer your queries, too. You never know what information you may learn in response.
Thank you, Jill, for this year’s genea-meme and a happy, healthy, genealogically fruitful New Year to all.