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4 Generation Photo x 2

This week, it seems bloggers are sharing four generation photos of their families as Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebration this past week included a photo of Her Majesty with Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Charles, Prince William and little Prince George, who has taken the internet by storm. 🙂

I have two four generation photos, but will only post one of them, for reasons I’ll explain.

Linda, Michael, Doris & Hazel
Four Generations Together

This photo was taken on Thanksgiving weekend in 1989 at my aunt and uncle’s house back east. My husband, son and I flew from California and my mother drove from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

Michael is the center of attention, with my mother, Doris, to the left, and grandmother, Hazel, to the right.

My cousins were also visiting that weekend and a second photo was taken. However, I haven’t asked them if they would like their picture on the blog, so I will just add that grandmother Hazel was in the second photo, along with my aunt, her daughter and granddaughter. The picture is essentially the same, except for the face changes!

Michael didn’t have any memory of this trip, but he met Great Grandmama one more time, in the summer of 1994:

Linda, Michael, & Hazel
Great Grandmama, Michael and Linda

Grandmother Hazel passed away in her sleep the following April.

A word of warning to others lucky enough to have four generations of a family living at the same time – the Stufflebeans missed an opportunity for a second 4 generational photo with Michael’s paternal great grandmother, Pearl.

Pearl with Grandson Dave

Pearl lived in Oklahoma and I never met her. However, in retrospect, we should have taken a trip to Norman so Michael and I could meet her. Pearl passed away three weeks after our 1989 Thanksgiving trip to Massachusetts. I am sure she would have loved meeting her great grandson. Above, Pearl is holding grandson David, many decades before!