William Briggs & (1) Elizabeth Lincoln (2) Mehitable Blake, Massachusetts, 1700s

Next in the Briggs family line, begining with Richard Briggs of Thornbury, Gloucester, England down to Judith Briggs who married Joseph Tower in Attleboro, Massachusetts is William Briggs, son of William and Sarah (Macumber) Briggs.

This William Briggs was born on 25 January 1667/68 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married twice, in quick succession, as his first wife died soon.

William Briggs married (1) Elizabeth Lincoln, intentions filed on 13 October 1693, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. Elizabeth died about 1694 after giving birth to her only child, Sarah, on 5 July 1694. Sarah married John Lane of Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts and died sometime after 10 March 1734/35.

William then married (2) Mehitable Blake, daughter of William and Anne Blake, on 16 June 1696 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Mehitable was born 2 April 1673 and died on 7 October 1732 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

William and Mehitable were apparently the parents of five children, although none of their births are recorded in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts and their birth years are only estimates:

  1. Nathaniel, born c1698; died 14 August 1773, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Judith Guild, 16 June 1720, Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
  2. Mehitable, born c1703; died 8 September 1782; married John Ware, 29 January 1728/29, Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
  3. Seth, born c1709; died c1757; married Hannah Whitaker, 22 January 1734, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
  4. Agnes, born c1710; perhaps married (1) Thomas Kimber, 25 September 1738 and reportedly had one son and perhaps married (2) James Boldery and perhaps is the Agnes Boldery who died 27 May 1783, in her 73rd year and called the aunt of Nathaniel Briggs.
  5. Eliphalet, born c1713, per age on death record; died 26 June 1780, Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire; perhaps married Abigail Gary, 28 November 1735, but I find no marriage record for them

William Briggs died on 28 February 1731 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. Mehitable survived her husband by 18 months, passing away on 7 October 1732, also in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

William Briggs & Sarah Macumber, Taunton, MA, late 1600s

Records concerning William Briggs, son of John Briggs and Agnes Thayer, are a bit more plentiful once William settled in Massachusetts with his family.

William Briggs was born c1645, most likely in Thornbury, Gloucester, England, but his birth year falls in the gap in the local church records. His father first appears in Taunton records in 1657, so William was probably just entering his teenage years when the family made the trip across the ocean.

William Briggs married Sarah Macumber on 6 November 1666 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. Sarah was the daughter of William Macumber and Ursula Cooper of Dorchester and then Marshfield, Massachusetts. Sarah was born c1643 and died in childbirth on 20 March 1680 in Taunton. William probably married (2) Abigail Mason a year later, on 7 April 1680/81 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

William and Sarah were the parents of seven children, all born in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts:

  1. William, born 25 January 1667/68; died 20 February 1731, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married (1) Elizabeth Lincoln (2) Mehitable Blake
  2. Thomas, twin, born 9 September 1669; died before 22 September 1746, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Abigail Thayer, 24 October 1689, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
  3. Sarah, twin, born 10 September 1669; no further record
  4. Elizabeth, born 14 March 1671; no further record
  5. Hannah, born 4 November 1672; probably married Samuel Waldron, 17 April 1693, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
  6. Mary, born 14 August 1674; perhaps married John Forrest, 24 July 1712
  7. Mathew, born 5 February 1676; died 8 March 1764, Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Abigail Burt, c1706
  8. John, born 19 March 1680; died before 26 January 1756, Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Hannah Rockett, c1712

William Briggs died on 3 January 1728 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

John Briggs & Agnes Thayer, of Thornbury, Gloucester, England & Taunton, MA, 1600s

John Briggs, baptized on 1 May 1595, Thornbury, Gloucester, England, is the immigrant ancestor of the Briggs family that settled in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts by 1657.

John Briggs, the son of Richard Briggs and Agnes Wingod, married Agnes Thayer on 11 March 1633 in Thornbury, Gloucester, England. He would have been almost 38 years old, which is a bit late for men of that era to marry. However, no evidence has been found of a previous marriage or children for this man.

It is also unknown whether John’s wife, Agnes, also emigrated to New England with her family. There is a gap of years in the Thornbury church registers, which is likely hiding further bits of information about this family. However, Agnes’s name has not been found in any Massachusetts records.

It is believed that John and Agnes (Thayer) Briggs were the parents of at least six children:

  1. John, baptized 21 September 1634, Thornbury, Gloucester, England; he is probably the younger John Briggs in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts mentioned in 1664; no further record
  2. Katherine, baptized 6 January 1636/37, Thornbury, Gloucester, England; no further record
  3. Richard, baptized 17 March 1638/39, Thornbury, Gloucester, England; died before 13 December 1692, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Rebecca Hoskins of Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 15 August 1662
  4. Joanna (possibly), born c1641; married Peter Tallman, about 24 July 1665. She was called “of Taunton” in their prenuptial agreement.
  5. William, born c1645, probably England; died 3 January 1728, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; married (1) Sarah Macumber, 6 November 1666. She was born 1643; died 20 March 1680, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts and was the daughter of William Macumber & Ursula Cooper of Dorchester and Marshfield, Massachusetts. (2) Abigail Mason, 2 July 1680, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
  6. Hugh, born c1652, probably in England; died between 1692-1698; married Martha Everson, 1 March 1682/83, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts

John Briggs’ death date is unknown. He was alive in 1664, probably dead by 1675 and definitely deceased when his sons sold land in 1686. However, he likely died in Taunton, where his family lived for many years.

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