Tybbot, Walter (c1584-1651)

Genealogy Sketch

Name: Walter Tybbot (c1584-1651)
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Mary
Children: Mary and Agnes
Whereabouts: Gloucester, MA
Relationship to Linda Stufflebean: 10X Great Grandfather

  1. Walter Tybbot
  2. Marie Tybbot (Haskell)
  3. William Haskell & Mark Haskell (double descent)
  4. Lydia Haskell (Parsons) & William Haskell
  5. Isaac Parsons & Nathaniel Haskell
  6. Hannah Parsons (Haskell) & John Haskell
  7. Judith Haskell (Tarbox)
  8. George Rogers Tarbox
  9. Nellie F. Tarbox (Adams)
  10. Charles Edwin Adams
  11. Vernon Tarbox Adams
  12. Doris Priscilla Adams (Sabo)
  13. Linda Anne Sabo (Stufflebean)