Roberts, Cornelius, Tory (c1745- Bef May 1789)

Genealogy Sketch

Name: Cornelius (Neal) Roberts
Parents: Possibly James Roberts & Unknown
Spouse: Mary Benton
Children: Elizabeth, Mary, James, Nathan, Amelia, Jesse, Daniel, Sina, Archibald, Isaac, Susanna and Mourning
Whereabouts: Virginia frontier
Relationship to David Stufflebean:

  1. Cornelius Roberts
  2. Mary Roberts (Monk)
  3. Rhoda Monk (Riddle)
  4. Isaac Riddle
  5. Christianna (Annie) Riddle (Nation)
  6. Clayton Columbus Nation
  7. Ethel Anne Nation (Sturgell)
  8. Ruby Jewel Sturgell (Stufflebean)
  9. David Lee Stufflebean