Giddings, George (1609-1676)

Genealogy Sketch

Name: George Giddings (1609-1676)
Parents: John Gidding & Joan Purrier
Spouse: Jane Lawrence
Children: Thomas, John, James, Samuel, Joseph, Rebecca, Abigail and Mary
Whereabouts: Clapham, Beds, England & Ipswich, MA
Relationship to Linda Stufflebean: 9X and 10X Great Grandfather, double descent

  1. George Giddings
  2. John Giddings
  3. George Giddings & Elizabeth Giddings (Haskell) (double descent)
  4. Sarah Giddings (Sayward) & William Haskell
  5. Deborah Sayward (Tarbox) & Nathaniel Haskell
  6. John Haskell
  7. William Tarbox & Judith Haskell
  8. George Rogers Tarbox
  9. Nellie F. Tarbox (Adams)
  10. Charles Edwin Adams
  11. Vernon Tarbox Adams
  12. Doris Priscilla Adams (Sabo)
  13. Linda Stufflebean