Broadway, Mary (MNU) (c1766-after Feb 1853)

Genealogy Sketch

Name: Mary (MNU) (c1766-aft Feb 1853)
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Mr. Broadway, John Dulworth* and Solomon Prewitt
ChildrenPeggy Broadway, Louvina Broadway, John Dulworth, James Dulworth and Hannah Dulworth
Whereabouts: Knox County, TN & Cumberland County, KY
Relationship to David Stufflebean: 4X Great Grandmother

  1. Mary (MNU)
  2. James Dulworth
  3. Abraham Dulworth
  4. Matilda Jane Dulworth (Nation)
  5. Ethel Anne Nation (Sturgell)
  6. Ruby Jewel Sturgell (Stufflebean)
  7. David Lee Stufflebean