Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Is Your Significant Other’s Matrilineal Line?

I’m sitting in the house trying to stay cool – it’s 107 outside today – so I was very happy to see the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver pop up in feedly.

Here is this week’s topic:

1)  Have you worked on the matrilineal line of your significant other?   Who are the mothers of the mothers of your significant other?

Yes, I’ve definitely worked on my husband’s family lines, but his matrilineal line doesn’t extend all that far back in time for several reasons.

First, the earliest family lived in the South where records aren’t abundant, second, Adams is a very common surname and third, there were some out of wedlock events happening that muddy the waters.

Here’s Dave’s matrilineal line, beginning with his mother:

Ruby Jewel Sturgell (1919-2013), born in Anadarko, Verden, Oklahoma, died in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, daughter of Oscar Elden Sturgell (1893-1968) and Ethel Anne Nation (1900-1976.)

Ethel Anne Nation (1900-1976), born in Oakley, Overton, Tennessee, died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, daughter of Clayton Columbus Nation (1872-1922) and Matilda Jane Dulworth (1869-1931).

Matilda Jane Dulworth (1869-1931), born in Cumberland County, Kentucky, died in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma, daughter of Abraham Dulworth (1840-1925) and Mary Jane Adams (c1850-1932.)

Mary Jane Adams (c1850-1932), born in Tennessee, died in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma, possibly the daughter of James Adams and M.J. Adams enumerated in Cumberland County, Kentucky in 1860.

Or, she might be the daughter of R. Adams, enumerated in the family in 1850:

No marriage record has been found for James Adams between 1850 and 1860 and, with the children in this family, there have been children born out of wedlock. It’s possible that Mary Jane might have been a daughter of Polly or Elizabeth

Dave has taken an mtDNA test and his haplogroup is T2a1a. He has five matches at a genetic distance of 1. Two are related and go back to the same common ancestor, a Russian woman born in 1807. A third match goes back to c1820 in Luxembourg. The fourth goes back to a Hungarian woman born in the early 1700s.

Autosomal results haven’t helped at all either because he has no matched that appear in ThruLines. she might even have been a daughter of Francis (sic) or Elizabeth, based on the 1870 census.

Matilda was actually the daughter of Jane [Mary Jane], aged 18. Jennie, aged 72, is probably the M.J. from the 1860 census. Who the other people are I’ve never figured out except ‘Race” was Erastus Adams, who has descendants today, but they have no idea who his parents were either.

See why this is a mess?

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Is Your Significant Other’s Matrilineal Line?”

  1. Very interesting mtDNA results he has, that’s for sure. You didn’t mention where the fifth person traced ancestry to. I hope more cousins test and are able to help you resolve the question.

  2. Yep, researching in the South can be difficult, especially when you cannot locate marriage records. Even if you do, there is no identifying information to tie them to their parents. Good luck with more DNA matches.

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