Gideon Tower & Catherine McFarlane, New Brunswick, Canada, 1800s

As we move forward in time with the Tower family, the next generation is that of Gideon Tower, born c1790, likely in Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of Benjamin Tower and Anne Phinney/Finney.

However, some of the Tower men found new opportunities in Queens, New Brunswick, Canada, including Gideon Tower.

A young Gideon Tower began the year of 1815 with his marriage to Catherine McFarlane on New Year’s Day, 1 January, in Queens County.

Online family trees generally only include scattered information about Gideon’s and Catherine’s children, but a bit of sleuthing has turned up more complete vital dates.

Children (All born in New Brunswick and probably in Queens County):

  1. John Nelson, born c1818; died 9 May 1891, Youngs Cove, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; married Mehitable Ann McMann, c1850
  2. William Henry, born c1820; died November 1887 [When the steamer “May Queen” called at her wharf, Newcastle, morn. 3rd inst., a report was given that some of the crew had seen a boat adrift near Bailey’s Point. A boat was immediately procured, manned and sent out, and it was found that the boat adrift contained the bodies of William ELLIOTT and William TOWER. The boat was towed to the wharf at Newcastle (North. Co.) and Coroner Samuel Stewart empanelled a jury. TOWN (or TOWER was an old man of 70 years; ELLIOTT was 57 years of age. (see original) William Elliott was his brother-in-law]; married Mary Ann Segee, before 1851, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Charlotte Ann, born c1824; died 7 February 1898, Newcastle, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada; married William Elliott, who died with her brother, William
  4. Andrew Stockford, born c1827; died 14 March 1908, Youngs Cove, Waterborough, New Brunswick, Canada; married Charlotte Caroline Mersereau, 3 January 1855, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada
  5. James W., born c1829; died 21 January 1875, Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick, Canada; married Susanna Jane Simmons, c1853
  6. Gideon Bedford, born c1832; died between 1910-1920, probably in Benton, Kennebec, Maine; married Rebecca Wiggins, 8 November 1855, Waterborough, Queens, New Brunswick, Maine. He went by Bedford in most records.

Gideon Tower Sr. died before the 1861 census of Canada, probably in Queens, New Brunswick, Canada. Catherine lived with her son Andrew’s family in Waterborough in 1861, but is not found in 1871.

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