David Whipple & Wives, Sarah Herendean & Hannah Tower

As I work through the Tower family connections, David Whipple has tied into the family both through his marriage to Hannah Tower and through the marriage of his daughter, Deborah, to Benjamin Tower, her cousin.

David Whipple was born c1656, apparently in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the son of Captain John Whipple and Sarah (MNU). This John Whipple is not the John Whipple who settled in Ipswich, although they have been often confused.

What is fun with this family is that my cousins and I are all descended from John Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts. With this connection to the other John Whipple, my cousins are descended from both men! You can’t make this stuff up!

David Whipple married (1) Sarah Herendean, 15 May 1675 in Rehoboth or Providence, Rhode Island. Sarah died soon after giving birth to her first child, David, c1677. Sarah died 2 April 1677, in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island.

Many online trees place Deborah Whipple as a daughter of Sarah, but, given the timeline of Sarah’s marriage and death, it isn’t possible.

David Whipple married (2) Hannah Tower, 11 November 1677 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. Hannah was the daughter of John Tower and Margaret Ibrook, who were recently featured in a family sketch.

David and Hannah became the parents of six more children, of whom at least four grew to adulthood and married.

Children (All born in Providence, Rhode Island):

  1. Israel, born 16 August 1678; died 13 June 1720, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Mary Wilmarth, c1697, probably in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
  2. Deborah, born 12 September 1681; died 26 March 1755, Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island; married Benjamin Tower, c1698
  3. Jeremiah, born 26 June 1683; died 14 May 1721, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Deborah Bucklin, 22 November 1711, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
  4. William, born 27 May 1685; died 12 November 1746, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth (MNU), c1715
  5. Sarah, born 18 November 1687; died 27 September 1727, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Joseph Razey
  6. Hannah, born 9 January 1690; no further record
  7. Abigail, born 20 October 1692; no further record

David Whipple died 18 December 1710 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. Hannah lived many more years, dying about November 1722 in Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island.

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