Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Genealogy Rabbit Hole Did You Go Down Recently?

Summer is here and Tucson is having some early monsoon rains this weekend! We don’t usually get much before the 4th of July, but the area has had some good rain already. Having said that, my house has only had some sprinkles – INSTANT UPDATE – it is now pouring buckets so we have had our first official monsoon downpour.

It’s also time for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge with Randy Seaver and it’s quite appropriate for the project in which I’ve been buried all day:

1)  What genealogy “rabbit hole” did you go down recently?  Did you have genealogy fun?  How did it help your genealogy research?

I had originally planned to begin a lengthy life sketch for George Rogers Tarbox, one of my 3X great grandfathers based on Yvette Hoitink’s Level Up challenge and tweaked with a couple more additions to the five items on her list. That will have to wait until I finish the deep dive into the lives of George’s ten siblings. I realized when reviewing my information that I only had children for a couple of his many brothers and sisters.

I got deep into the rabbit hole with one of the lines that has extended into the second half of the 20th century.

The main characters have all passed away, but there are living children, so I will explain what I’ve found with pseudonym initials!

One of his siblings had four children, but lost 2 wives at a young age. That apparently was the impetus for him to enlist in the Civil War in 1864, leaving a 4-year old child presumably in the care of a relative. Of his four children, at least one died young and two apparently didn’t marry.

His youngest son was born in Massachusetts, but returned to Maine (where my branch of the Tarbox family lived), married and had four children.

Of those four, one died young, one never married and two married.

One of those two sons, R, married and had one son, H. Here is the rabbit hole that I’m still working on.

H married D in 1955.

D married K in 1959.

H married R in 1963.

H and D divorced in 1966 after K died!

A bit of bigamy on both parts was apparently happening.

I’m laso discovering that in spite of having eleven children who lived to adulthood, George’s parents had relatively few grandchildren and, of those, quite a few either didn’t marry or had no children.

That’s unusual for children born in the first quarter of the 1800s.

This rabbit hole is deep and it will take me several more days, at this rate, to account for all the lines, but I’ve definitely been surprised so far.

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