Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Three Things for Father’s Day

It’s mid-June and Father’s Day is this weekend. Therefore, Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge is holiday-related.

1)  It’s Father’s Day on Sunday.  Tell us three things about your father, or one of your grandfathers (or another male ancestor), that have influenced you in your life.

I had to think about this for a minute and decided to choose one thing from three different male ancestors.

Sadly, my father influenced me by making me abhor cigarettes and smoking, in general. He smoked quite a few Camel cigarettes per day and died of lung cancer at the young age of 59. However, he realized later in life how addictive smoking was and neither my sibling nor I have ever shown any interest in smoking.

My second influence is my grandfather’s cousin, Charles, who was the family historian before my time. Charles was much younger than my grandfather, but “knew everybody” from the earlier generations. He was also the keeper of the old family photos and launched my interest in family history.

My third influence would have to be my paternal grandfather, who died of TB in 1936, so I never got to know him. However, he was a hard worker and achieved the American dream of a better life than in the old country. By all accounts, he was a warm and very kind man. He also sparked my genealogy curiosity about my Rusyn roots. My grandmother didn’t like her in-laws very much so he was the catalyst for my quest to learn more about this branch of my family.

That’s it for me! Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Three Things for Father’s Day”

  1. Hooray for Charles! If not for him, we might not be reading your blog today.

    (Both of my parents smoked, and I also never got that habit because of being around it all the time.)

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