Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Write a Genealogy Poem Using Artificial Intelligence

it’s June and it’s the weekend, so it’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

Here is this week’s prompt:

1)  Have you ever written poetry?  About genealogy research?  Do you want to?  

2)  You can use the FREE ChatGPT-4o tool to write a poem (or perhaps another GPT tool).  Write a prompt with details of what you want to include, and let the AI chatbot do the job for you!

I have to admit that I think I had to write a sonnet in high school, but actually hated the poetry unit as a whole. Poetry has never been my thing.

I’ve also not used AI for anything until now, but this challenge seemed like an excellent way to create an answer to this prompt.

I only said AI to “write a poem about Calais Maine ship building era” because my 2X and 3X great grandfathers, Calvin and Daniel Adams, were boat builders in that city.

I barely hit “enter” when this poem appeared:

In the heart of Maine’s rugged land,
Where forests stretch and rivers span,
There lies a town, once proud and grand,
Where dreams took shape, where hopes did stand.

Calais, the name upon the lips,
Of those who toiled upon the ships,
In days of yore, when timber’s grip,
Built vessels bold for ocean trips.

Beneath the sky’s expansive dome,
In Calais’ harbor, waves did foam,
As craftsmen carved from wood and chrome,
The dreams of sailors, far from home.

With sturdy hands and hearts aflame,
They shaped the keels, they forged the frame,
Each plank a tale, each nail a name,
Bound for the seas, they dared to claim.

The echoes linger in the air,
Of hammer’s strike and timber’s flare,
As ships emerged with utmost care,
To sail the seas without a snare.

But time moves on, and dreams must fade,
As shadows fall and memories wade,
Yet Calais’ spirit, unafraid,
Remains within each ship they made.

Though shipyards silent, hulls now rest,
In Calais’ story, they’re the crest,
A testament to souls possessed,
By dreams of oceans, ever blessed.

I have to admit that AI did a great job capturing those Calais years. I realize that it might generate the same poem with another seafaring town in Calais’s place, but by ancestors would probably like it.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge and a triple thank you for not asking us to write a poem on our own!

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Write a Genealogy Poem Using Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Glad to meet a kindred spirit about poetry. I never understood them, so they are not my favorite. Yours rhymes like mine. I guess if we want one that doesn’t we would have to say that.

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