Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Genealogy Fun Day

The weekend has arrived and, although it’s Mother’s Day weekend, our Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge with Randy Seaver this week doesn’t feature a theme about our maternal ancestors. That’s actually fine with me since I have written about many of them, including my mtDNA line, in the past!

This week’s theme is more general:

1)  When was the last time you had Genealogy Fun?  It could be research, conferences, a society meeting, or just talking with friends about your research, a favorite trip, etc.  Tell us about a recent genealogy fun day!

My most recent genealogy fun days were the two trips I’ve made to my local FamilySearch Center to make use of the next full-text search in records that are locked from home – mainly Maryland and Virginia right now.

I was able to solve several mysteries – like where Caspar Starr lived in the 1770s and early 1780s and his wife’s maiden name.

I’ve also been able to document the lives of three of my husband’s other ancestors, all named Lewis Peavler. I even learned that the earliest Lewis Peavler, German by birth, originally went by Ludwig Bibler, as recorded in a land deed which called him by both names!

This week promises to be a Genealogy Fun Week for me as my local society, Sun City Vistoso Genealogy Society, is hosting its last meeting before the summer break on Tuesday.

On Thursday, their new SIG – Genealogy Research Toolbox – will have its third meeting.

On Friday, my Anquestors group, which I’ve taught since September 2010, will be meeting.

My Genealogy Fun Week is my reward for finishing my spring house cleaning!

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge!

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Genealogy Fun Day”

  1. What great finds you found in the every-word search! You must have been doing a happy dance at the FSC! You’re busy this week. I guess I won’t see you at NGS conference.

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