Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Makes a Descendants List of Second Great Grandparents

It’s May! And, it’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver!

Here is our first challenge of the month:

1)  How complete is your family tree?  Do you have information about your cousins  – both close and more distant?  Today’s challenge is to take one set of your 2nd great-grandparents and make a Descendants List (using your genealogy management program – e.g., Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, etc.)

I seem to remember doing this some time not all that long ago, but we all have multiple sets of 2X great from which to choose. I think I chose a Rusyn ancestor the last time, so today, I’ll pick a set from the maternal side of my tree.

I chose Charles Augustus Stewart (1822-1894) and Elida Ann Hicks (1833-1914) of the tiny village of Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.

There aren’t all that many descendants – lss than 150 on only three pages since the families were all fairly small.

Here is just the beginning of the list because there are lots of breaks with living people – too much work to crop them all out!

I am still using RootsMagic 7 so that is how I created my list.

Thanks, Randy. I always look forward to your weekly challenges.

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