New GeneaGem: Linkpendium

Linkpendium has been around forever, although I haven’t seen it mentioned in years. In spite of that, there was a major clean up of the website in 2023 to eliminate dead links and there are tons of great records to be found here.

What is Linkpendium? From it’s self-description:

Linkpendium is a 10,000,000+ resource directory to everything on the Web about families worldwide and genealogically-relevant information about U.S. states and counties. We cover both free and subscription sites, with a strong emphasis upon free resources provided by libraries, other government agencies, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals. We are particularly proud of our unique indexes to online biographies.

There are two categories of genealogy records – Localities and a database of over 9,000,000 surnames worldwide.

Since I’ve been delving into my husband’s Nation and Dulworth families lately, let’s see what can be found. The family left the Kentucky-Tennessee homeland first and settled in Greer County, Oklahoma.

A very lengthy page for Greer County came up:

The image was too long to crop the entire list, but it continues with links to Cemeteries, Census, Court Records,History, Land Records, Libraries, Museums & Archives, Mailing Lists and Message Boards (which often contain EXCELLENT clues), Maps & Gazetteers, Military Records, Miscellaneous, Newspapers, Obituaries & Funeral Home Records, Photos, Postcards & Historical Images, School Records & Histories, Surnames, Tax Lists, Vital Records and Wiki.

Every single one of those categories contains links! That’s quite impressive.

Dulworth is not a very common surname – it’s German in origin, probably from Dulwit – so I was a bit surprised to find it in the Linkpendium surname list:

Clicking on Dulworth brought up 15 categories where the surname appears, all great clues to follow up:

Notice that the last entry is about Jacob Dulworth, from a county history. Jacob is the brother of my husband’s ancestor and this county history provides their mother’s maiden name, which isn’t found in any extant documents!

I highly recommend taking some time to browse through Linkpendium to learn more about all that it offers. Although the Localities section is U.S. based (with the U.K. and Ireland in beta testing), the surnames are worldwide as can be seen by the small sampling in the D names that I clipped in the above image.

I really like that Linkpendium includes the old Mailing Lists and Message Boards, which used to be extremely popular. Although new messages can’t be posted, it’s probably possible to locate current contact info for some of those who posted 20 years ago.

Linkpendium remains a GeneaGem!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on this site! I went over and searched my very stubborn brick wall ancestor , and discovered another possible given name to check for (not the one shown on his son’s death certificate). I’ll need to do more research, but definitely worth the time it took to look at the results on Linkpendium!

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