Mathias Crabtree Spear & Naomi Keen, 1800s, KY

Mathias Crabtree Spear was born 27 June 1811 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He was undoubtedly named for Mathias Steelman, who died in the 1790s in Surry County, North Carolina. Mathias Crabtree Spear’s paternal grandmother was Ruth Steelman and she was the daughter of Mathias Steelman.

Mathias was the son of Benjamin Spear and Naomi Crabtree, who married c1810.

Mathias married Nancy, c1832. She was born c1816, probably in Cumberland County, Kentucky. I haven’t found documentation, but online information states she was Nancy Keen, daughter of Francis Keen. That is very possible, given that the Spears and Keens were neighbors in Cumberland County. I wish I could find proof – it might be found in records concerning Francis Keen, who I haven’t researched.

Mathias and Nancy were the parents of nine children, born between 1833 and 1858, but only five of them have been found as adults.

Children (all born in Cumberland County, Kentucky):

  1. Squire Jefferson, born 1833; died before 1900, probably in Montague County, Texas; married Nancy Chism, 19 June 1873, Barren County, Kentucky
  2. Abraham Benjamin, born 24 March 1836; died 12 July 1903, Cumberland County, Kentucky; married Nancy Jane Watson, c1865
  3. Nancy C., born 13 March 1838; died 7 August 1885, Barren County, Kentucky; married Joseph Sames, 20 March 1856, Cumberland County, Kentucky
  4. William Pitt, born 31 October 1843; died 23 May 1914, South Haven Sumner, Kansas; married Eliza Jane Noble, 23 December 1870, Barren County, Kentucky
  5. D.M., male, born c1846; died after 1860 census; no further information [Note: Some online trees state he was Dennis Mathias, but no sources provided.]
  6. J.H., male, born c1849; died after 1860; no further record
  7. Francis M., born c1852; died 3 September 1895, Fannin County, Texas; married Melvina Susan Bellamy, 12 June 1872, Barren County, Kentucky
  8. Thomas M., born 9 July 1854; died August 1859, Cumberland County, Kentucky, of croup
  9. Martin L., born c1858; last found boarding in South Haven, Sumner, Kansas and working at a clerk. He was unmarried at the time and no further record has been found.

If you are descended from anyone in this family and can further document more details pertaining to this family, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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