Edmonson Wright & Naomi Manervia Spear, 1800s, KY

The third and youngest child born to Benjamin Spear and Naomi Crabtree was Naomi, born 5 August 1821, Cumberland county, Kentucky.

Naomi’s name is interesting. she is called Naomi in every record in which she appears, EXCEPT for the 1860 census, where she calls herself Manervia. Therefore, most online trees, including mine, call her Naomi Manervia Spear. Her siblings, Mathias and Elizabeth, both had middle names, so Manervia may be hers.

Naomi Spear married Edmonson Wright, c1849. He was born 20 October 1819 in Fentress County, Tennessee, just across the state line from Cumberland County, Kentucky.

They were the parents of four children, two sons and two daughters, but apparently neither son had any children.

Children (all born in Cumberland County, Kentucky):

  1. Matilda Jane, born 11 May 1850; died 29 February 1912, Cumberland County, Kentucky; married James Almarine Guthrie, c1865. They were the parents of 12 children, 10 of whom lived to adulthood.
  2. Benjamin B., born 13 September 1852; died 26 April 1902, Cumberland County, Kentucky; married Thursey Ann Capp, 18 January 1899, Clay County, Tennessee. Thursey was 22 years younger than Ben and they had no known children. Benjamin may have married to not be alone. He, brother John and their mother Naomi lived together in 1880. John died in March and Naomi passed away 6 months later in September 1897.
  3. Sarah E., born 18 December 1854; died 18 January 1929, Cumberland County, Kentucky; married George E. Whitley, c1878. They were the parents of five children.
  4. John W.G., born 1 March 1857; died 13 March 1897, Cumberland County, Kentucky. He never married.

Edmonson Wright died on 13 August 1879, Cumberland County, Kentucky. Naomi survived him by 18 years, passing away on 24 September 1897, also in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

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