DNA Painter: May Tech Moment

I will be the first to admit that I don’t do much with DNA results, mainly because I’ve had no surprises and my brick walls are just a little too early for autosomal DNA matches to be of any help.

In spite of my limited DNA match experience, I’d like to share DNA Painter by Jonny Perl for May’s Tech Moment.

Those of you who actively work with DNA matches are already familiar with the fabulous work that Jonny Perl is doing with apps. In fact, Jonny was the 2018 RootsTech DNA Innovation Contest winner with his newly developed app, DNA Painter.

Jonny’s goal in developing DNA Painter was to provide an easy way to visually group and display chromosome mapping and segment sharing for users.

DNA Painter is a user-friendly online tool – FREE (for one user’s profile)- that will map chromosomes to learn which ancestor passed down specific segments of DNA to a user. NOTE: This tool works with autosomal DNA results, NOT Y-DNA or mtDNA.

A very simplified description is that the app provides visual representations of cM matches grouped by ancestor.

First, register for a free account (top right corner of the home page)

Second, log in and the Dashboard will open:

At the top of the screen is NEW TO DNA PAINTER? start button. You will find instructions on uploading DNA results and information about all the ways DNA Painter and the WATO (What Are The Odds) tools will help you learn all you can from your DNA results and matches. This introductory section offers a robust directory of FAQs and provides answers to just about any question you might have.

The WATO tool predicts the most likely ways two matches are related and can help solve DNA puzzles.

There are lots of HELP tips to get you started. Let’s begin with a few short videos to learn more about DNA Painter:

Jonny Perl – RootsTech 2020 Interview

Jonny Perl – RootsTech 2019 Interview

What Is a Centimorgan? & DNA Painter?

Latest DNA Painter Releases 2022 with Jonny Perl

Mapping Your Chromosomes with DNA Painter by Blaine Bettinger

DNA Painter What Are the Odds (WATO) Made Easy – Genetic Genealogy

This introduction to DNA Painter is just that – a short intro to bring awareness to beginners of the excellent DNA tools created by Jonny Perl. There are lengthy webinars and workshops that provide hands-on in-depth experience working with DNA Painter and WATO that can’t be replicated in a blog post.

If DNA Painter is new to you, register now for your free account and browse the website. You’ll soon learn that working with DNA results doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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