Thomas Douthit & Sarah Alberty of NC and AR

Today’s family sketch will conclude the stories of the children and grandchildren of Henry Alberty and Rebecca (MNU). John S. Alberty who married Susannah Douthit is the next child in birth order, but their story has already been told, as that is my husband’s direct line.

Therefore, today we will finish with Sarah Alberty, the 8th of nine children born to Henry and Rebecca Alberty. Note that the 9th child, Mary, born c1826, lived to adulthood, but apparently never married and has no descendants.

Sarah Alberty was born 11 April 1824 in North Carolina. As a young girl, she traveled with her family first to Indiana and then to Arkansas. Many of her family members married and left Arkansas for Newton County, Missouri.

However, Sarah apparently never left Arkansas as all her children were born there and she died in Evansville, Washington, Arkansas on 12 May 1899.

Sarah Alberty married Thomas Douthit about 1844 when she was about 19 or 20 years old. Thomas, like the other Albertys and Douthits, was a small farmer and, for whatever reason, this couple chose not to leave with so many of their other kinfolk when they migrated to Missouri.

Children (all born in Washington County, Arkansas):

  1. Mary Elizabeth, born about 23 October 1845; died 6 August 1910, Hulbert, Cherokee, Oklahoma; married William Virgil Jobe, 1866
  2. Henry Abraham, born 20 August 1846; died 1 March 1930, Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma; married Candace Rebecca Dobson, 28 June 1868, Washington County, Arkansas
  3. William Andrew, born 5 November 1848; died 21 May 1917, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Isabel Bowden, 12 November 1872, Pope County, Arkansas
  4. Nancy Valinda, born 16 September 1852; died 27 June 1934, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Jerome Felix Jobe, 11 October 1868, Washington County, Arkansas
  5. John Thomas, born 11 November 1853; died 9 December 1913, Newton County, Missouri; married Eliza Alberty, 23 November 1869, Newton County, Missouri
  6. George Nathaniel, born 2 January 1856; died 21 August 1924, Siloam Springs, Benton, Arkansas; married Mary Elizabeth Fields, 1877
  7. James, born c1858; died between 1850-1860

Thomas and Sarah (Alberty) Douthit have many descendants today.

This concludes the series on the children and grandchildren of John Henry Alberty and Rebecca (MNU). If you are related to this family and can add to this information, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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