Samuel & Sarah (Agnew) Alberty, NC & AR

It has been several years since I’ve written about my husband’s Alberty family, so it is time to see what details can be added to the family story.

This focus is on the children of John Henry Alberty and his wife, Rebecca, who in spite of being given a maiden name in many online sources, appears in no primary record that I’ve been able to locate proving that surname. Therefore, the two variations that I’ve come across aren’t going to be repeated here.

There is another sticky wicket regarding this family, as there are no primary records which document their children. To begin, the following children are believed to be those of Henry and Rebecca: William, Samuel, Daniel, George, Henry, unknown daughter, John S., Sarah and Mary.

William is a moot point, as one William Alberty married Lucy Anna Foard with the bond dated 23 August 1823 in Davidson County, North Carolina. However, William reportedly died before 1830 and no further record has been found for Lucy or any possible children.

Most of the other purported children are assigned to Henry and Rebecca because they moved, as a group, and lived near each other for generations.

Neither Henry nor Rebecca left any probate records, so proximity to their children and the uniqueness of the Alberty surname supports the theory that these were, indeed, their children.

Today’s family sketch will focus on Samuel Alberty and his wife, Sarah, said to be Sarah Agnew, although no marriage record has been found confirming her maiden name.

Nothing with the Albertys seems to be straightforward and that includes Samuel. I believe Samuel Alberty married twice: (1) Unknown, c1829 (2) Sarah (Agnew?), after 1840

I’ve drawn this conclusion because the 1840 census of Washington County, Arkansas includes Henry Alberty Sr., Henry Alberty Jr. and Samuel Alberty living side by side.

Samuel’s household consists of one male, 30-40, one male 10-15, two males 5-10 and one female under 5. There is NO adult female in the home.

Another consideration is that Sarah was born c1816. To have son Henry born c1830, Sarah would have been only 12 or 13 years old when she married. Even for early days on the Southern frontier, that was young.

Further, the 1850 census shows Samuel Alberty with Sarah. The children are Henry, 20, John, 17, Levi, 16, Eliza, 14 and then there is a gap in births with Andrew, 6, Samuel 4, and Mary, 2.

Also at home in 1850 is Andrew Agnew, aged 67, who is likely the source for those who state that Sarah was an Agnew. Given that her first born child was a son named Andrew, I think there is some preponderance of evidence here to support the claim that she was an Agnew.

Samuel and Sarah continued to have children until 1859. Identifying them is fairly simple, given the census records, a few marriage records and Samuel Alberty’s 1885 will, proved in 1891 in Washington county, Arkansas.

It doesn’t appear that anyone has worked much on compiling this family.

Children of Samuel Alberty & Unknown:

  1. Henry, born c1830, Arkansas; died after 1900 when Henry and Sarah lived in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, aged 70 and 69 years old; married Sarah Ann Lewis, 26 December 1851, Washington County, Arkansas. Online records link this to one Henry Alberty mentioned in a 1901 application to be recognized as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. However, that Henry is married to Hannah and is described as having been a slave of “Big Moses” Alberty. Moses would have been the half granduncle of Henry and not likely his slave.
  2. John A., born c1833, Arkansas; died after 1870, when he lived in Tehama County, California with Levi, both unmarried, and probably before 1885, as he isn’t mentioned in his father’s will
  3. Levi, born c1834, Arkansas; died after 1870, when he lived in Tehama County, California with A.J., both unmarried, and probably before 1885, as he isn’t mentioned in his father’s will
  4. Eliza Jane, born 22 August 1836, Washington County, Arkansas; died 22 August 1896, Washington County, Arkansas; married Green Lee Goddard, 1 January 1857, Washington County, Arkansas

Children of Samuel Alberty & Sarah Agnew, all born in Washington County, Arkansas:

  1. Andrew, born 22 December 1843, Arkansas; died 5 September 1861, Arkansas; buried in Evansville Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas; unmarried
  2. Samuel, born 22 June 1846, Arkansas; died 19 August 1866, Arkansas; buried in Evansville Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas; unmarried
  3. Mary A., born October 1849, Arkansas; died after 1920 when she lived with the Lee Latta family in Tahlequah, Cherokee, Oklahoma; unmarried
  4. Sarah Euphemia, born 1851, Arkansas; died after 8 June 1889 when she filed for a widow’s Civil War pension and 1900, when she isn’t found in the census; married Thomas Gibney, c1872. Sarah may be the A. Gibney, born 1851, who married Jacob Sharp, 3 October 1894, Washington County, Arkansas. If so, she appears to have died before 1900.
  5. Sophronia Caroline, born 1 November 1853, Arkansas; died 14 June 1911 and is buried in Park Hill, Cherokee, Oklahoma; married Thomas Latta, 23 September 1873, Washington County, Arkansas. In 1900, this family lived in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. Sophronia’s siblings Mary and Banks lived with them. However, by 1910, Thomas is enumerated in Park Hill, Cherokee, Oklahoma as divorced and Sophronia is a patient at the Hospital for the Insane in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma, aged 56 years.
  6. Ewing Banks, born July 1856/57, Arkansas; died about 4 February 1942, when his obituary was published in Claremore, Rogers, Oklahoma; unmarried
  7. Ruth Ann, born 21 June 1859, Arkansas; died 2 March 1902, Coweta, Wagoner, Oklahoma; married William Hardin Seahorn, 7 February 1887, Washington County, Arkansas

Samuel Alberty has descendants today.

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