John Demeris Periman & Nora Bell Sturgell, Oklahoma Settlers

John Demeris Periman & Nora Bell Sturgell

Nora Bell Sturgell was the sixth child and fourth daughter, born 5 November 1886 in Barry County, Missouri, to Abijah Houston and Martha Susannah (Alberty) Sturgell.

Nora Bell married John Demeris Periman on 18 August 1901 in Barry County, Missouri.

Their married life started on a sad note, as their first child died, apparently soon after birth. No birth or death record has been found, nor is there a gravestone for the little one. However, in 1910, Nora reported that she had given birth to two children with one living.

John and Nora spent the first 25 years or so of their marriage living in Barry County, near to family and friends. John at first rented land on which to farm and, by 1920, was able to own his own farm.

John and Nora haven’t been found in the 1930 census, but were in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma in 1927 when John gave permission for their 19 year old son, Elzie, to marry Nora Byers. At that time, Elzie was living in Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma.

Further census records indicate that in 1935, John and Nora were living in rural McClain County, but by 1940 had moved to Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma. Their home was rented and John was working as a laborer for the WPA (Works Progress Administration.) He is the first ancestor in the family tree who I know of that worked for the WPA, which was one of Roosevelt’s plan to get America back to work during the Depression.

The Perimans didn’t seem to stay in any one place in Oklahoma for very long, as in 1950, they were living in Oklahoma City. John was 71 years old and Nora was 63.

John Periman died on 22 July 1953 and his obituary was published in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma. He is buried in Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma.

Nora Bell passed away on 28 July 1960, possibly in Oklahoma City and is buried next to John in Blanchard.

John and Nora had another child, Maudine Rebecca, born c1912 and who was at home in 1920. No further record has been found for her and it appears she may have died between 1920 and 1930. I would love to have more information about her.

Their son, Elzie, became a minister, but also worked as a butcher and remained in Blanchard for the rest of his life.


  1. Child, born before 1908 and died soon
  2. Elzie Guy, born 16 June 1909; died 11 December 1974, Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma; married Nola Pearl Byers, 20 October 1927, Grady County, Oklahoma. They were the parents of seven children – five daughters and two sons.
  3. Maudine Rebecca, born c1912; at home in 1920; no further record

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