Henry Alberty & Nancy Douthit of NC, IN, AR & MO

Henry Alberty was the middle child, the fifth of nine born to Henry Alberty and Rebecca (MNU) on 15 July 1815 in Surry County, North Carolina.

The family moved a number of times, leaving North Carolina first for Indiana, then Washington County, Arkansas and finally settled in Newton County, Missouri.

Henry married Nancy Douthit, whose family was known to the Albertys back in North Carolina and who intermarried with them several times. The young couple married on 29 December 1836 in Union County, Indiana, where their first child was also born.

The young family then moved to Arkansas, but only remained there long enough for their second child, Margaret Valinda, to be born in 1841. By 1843, they had permanently settled in Newton County, Missouri, where Henry worked as a farmer on his own land.

Before the Civil War, the family lived comfortably, as Henry’s real estate was valued at $1200 and his personal estate at $1400. The war was hard on everyone and values dropped significantly by 1870, with his real estate worth $800 and personal estate at $420. At least, the family wasn’t bankrupted like so many others.

By 1880, Henry and Nancy were in their 60s, the children were all grown and granddaughter Eva, 13 years old, lived with them, possibly to help out on the farm.

Henry Alberty died on 9 February 1888, intestate. His son, Samuel Nathan Alberty, was appointed estate administrator on 17 February 1888. His wife, Nancy, survived him by six years, passing away on 27 September 1894 in Ritchey, Newton, Missouri.


  1. John T., born 1838, Indiana died before 2 October 1865, Newton County, Missouri; married Sophronia E. Pryor, c1856
  2. Margaret Valinda, born 14 October 1841, Arkansas; died 28 April 1920, Laclede County, Missouri; married Hugh Watkins, c1861
  3. William Henry, born 17 December 1843, Newton County, Missouri; died 17 February 1874, newton County, Missouri; married Amanda Halford, 30 December 1860, Ozark County, Missouri
  4. Edward H., born 1846, Newton County, Missouri; died 30 December 1876, Newton County, Missouri; married Prudence Pool, 7 February 1869, Newton County, Missouri
  5. Mary E., born 15 April 1849, Newton County, Missouri; died 14 March 1907, Newton County, Missouri; married James K. Wormington, 6 January 1866, Newton County, Missouri
  6. Martha Frances, born about 25 December 1850, Newton County, Missouri; died 17 October 1928, Dallas County, Missouri; married Jabez Andrew Murrell, c1868
  7. Nancy C., born c1852, Newton County, Missouri; died before 1880; married Wiley R. Hall, 29 December 1874, newton County, Missouri
  8. Samuel Nathan, born 14 January 1857, Newton County, Missouri; died 1943, Pawnee County, Oklahoma; married Roxie Ellen Smith, 24 December 1876, Newton County, Missouri
  9. James Franklin, born June 1859, Newton County, Missouri; died 24 September 1903, Spokane County, Washington; married Sarah Elizabeth Urquhart, c1881, Missouri
  10. Mahala, born March 1862, Newton County, Missouri; died 1943, Osage County, Oklahoma; married Moses A. Nowels, 13 August 1882, Newton County, Missouri

Henry and Nancy (Douthit) Alberty have many descendants today.

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